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Are you looking to advertise on my site? I'm happy to discuss this with you and I can be reached at I'm flexible in working with advertisers of all shapes and sizes and can provide many options and prices. Prices for an ad starts at $12 a month and goes up to $200 a month for horizontal banner above the fold (not pictured). Here are some of the most popular sizes that I have available.

I make sure my site works for me and I will make sure it works for you! 

My social media stats for InTruBeauty as of mid May 2014 are:
Facebook: 2580
Twitter: 2019
Pinterest: 1709
Instagram: 1026
Bloglovin: 436
Google+: 468
Misc. RSS/Email/Blog sub: 100+

I'm also a co-manager of a beauty forum called TruBeautyGems which has 210 Twitter followers and 625 Facebook fans as well as 308 personal Facebook fans.

Total network reach is nearing 9,400 people and I am very active on social media.

InTruBeauty's Daily Pageviews: 

Why advertise on InTruBeauty?
  • I have good interaction on my site and you will have access to a whole network of readers
  • I'm professional and know how to work successfully with companies
  • My site does not contain profanity or nudity
  • I write about a wide variety of topics including beauty (makeup, haircare, skincare), healthy living, cooking/food and lifestyle and can bring your company to a wider audience 


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