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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Strengthen Hair with Suave's Biotin Infusion Line

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Strengthen Hair with Suave's Biotin Infusion Line 
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My struggle with breakage:
I've always had a kind of love/hate relationship with my hair. Growing up, I was always told by others that I was so lucky to have curls, but I never really saw it that way. It was an annoyance to put the extra time and money into my hair and still not feel like I was getting the results that I wanted. I was always jealous of those with perfect straight hair. So back then, I decided to try a product that promised to give me that dream straight hair and then wash out in 7 washes. I figured what the heck, might as well try it, what's to lose?

Well, I didn't quite get the hair of my dreams. Instead, my curls were limp, dry and lifeless. I also noticed I started to have quite a lot of breakage and split ends. My split ends even had split ends and those split ends had baby split ends. It just seemed never ending. I spent a lot of time and money just trying to get my hair back to normal. I thought back to the days where I took my curls for granted and just longed to have my springy, bouncy, full head of curls back even if they could be unruly and frizzy at times

Thus started my quest for anything and everything that could help. Years, later I saw some thin patches fill in, some shine, bounce and health return to my hair. However, my hair still is not the same as it once was. This is why whenever I see a product that not only claims to help strengthen hair, reduce breakage and is salon proven, I'm all in. I was even more excited to learn that Suave, a trusted and affordable brand, has a line that can help me! Plus, these are conveniently located at Walmart! Since I know that you probably want great hair at a great value too, keep reading to learn more about the products!

Biotin benefits
  • B7 Biotin is a vitamin known for superior hair strengthening benefits 
  • This luxurious range reduces breakage by 95% for dramatically less hair fall vs. non-conditioning shampoo.  
How does Suave compare?
  • Many of Suave’s collections are "WAWA", meaning salon proven to “work as well as luxury brands. 
  • The Biotin Infusion line is proven to strengthen as well as Pureology® Strength Cure®. 
  • Retails for $4.98!
  • System reduces breakage by 95% vs. non-conditioning shampoo for dramatically less hair fall and full, thick looking hair 
Suave Biotin Infusion Anti-Breakage Serum
  • makes hair is 20x stronger vs. non-conditioning shampoo
I've been using the biotin shampoo, biotin conditioner and serum for about five days now, so I can't yet fully speak to how this has helped with breakage. However, I have noticed my hair to be really soft, full and manageable. I feel like my ends look really healthy right now despite being long overdue for a haircut! I also seem to have less hairfall when I'm brushing or conditioning my hair. I love the scent of these products and the anti-breakage serum adds a nice sheen to my hair. I'm really looking forward to using these in the upcoming months to add some much needed strength to my locks! This whole ordeal overall taught me to appreciate what I have and embrace my curls!

I especially love that anyone can get great hair for a great value. Suave Beauty's newest additions to their Gold line Collection has something to meet everyone's hair and budget needs. Visit your local Walmart to try out all of the new 2016 Suave Professionals collections: Coconut Oil Infusion, Coconut Milk Infusion and Biotin Infusion, while supplies last. 




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