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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ulta & Sephora My Black Friday Picks!

This is the time I year I feel like I just go crazy with makeup and beauty deals. There are so many amazing gift sets and deals out there that's it's hard to resist. Pretty much on a daily basis, I'm checking Ulta, Sephora, emails etc. to find the latest and greatest. I don't want to miss out on that perfect set at that perfect price!!  I'm breaking it down and showcasing my favorite deals for Black Friday from Ulta and Sephora! Hopefully this helps make it easier for you to narrow down your search and for you to also find that perfect gift at that perfect price.

Ulta Black Friday Deals

Any deals you're going to be rushing out there to get? Comment and let me know, I'd love to hear about it! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

PUR Cosmetics Cameo Contour Dual-Ended Contour Stick

Contouring is huge so I'm sure you've already heard about it and know what it is. Typically, I'm drawn more to powder type products but I'm always up for trying out something new! PUR Cosmetics has recently come out with a dual ended cream contour stick. Also included with this is a pink blending sponge! 
Press Samples
Meet the final word in flawless contouring. PÜR's dual-ended contour stick adds closeup-worthy depth and dimension to your natural features with a creamy, oil-free formula that sets to a picture perfect powder finish. Using light-reflective microspheres, this 2-in-1 complexion innovation emphasizes your face's natural highlights and lowlights while simultaneously blurring the look of imperfections, such as dark spots and fine lines. As you apply and blend one or both shades with the pro blending sponge, your skin also drinks in the skin-perfecting benefits of PÜR's own Ceretin Complex - a proprietary blend of hydrating ceramides and age-defying vitamin A! Available at Ulta & Kohl's, PUR's website.
Light, Medium, Tan, Dark, Deep 
Light, Medium, Tan, Dark, Deep 
Light, Medium, Tan, Dark, Deep 
Light, Medium, Tan, Dark, Deep 
Areas to use highlight:
  • Center of the forehead
  • Under brow bone
  • Down the bridge of the nose
  • Under eye
  • Center of chin
Areas to use contour:
  • Around forehead hairline
  • Sides of nose
  • Under cheekbone
  • Under jawline

Key Ingredients:
  • Light-Reflective Microspheres: Spotlight the skin's natural highlights while blurring the look of imperfections like dark spots and fine lines
  • Ceretin Complex: Nourish a more youthful radiance with a proprietary blend of mega-moisturizing ceramides and gently renewing vitamin A
  • Sodium hyaluronate: Draws moisture to the skin's surface for a naturally plumper, smoother and softer look and feel
Final thoughts: 
  • I like that they offer a variety of colors for different skintones. I found the directions easy to follow. 
  • For me the best color matches were light and medium. I had good luck with the lighter shade in both the light and medium and found that it blended well with my skintone. I didn't have as much luck with the darker shade. The shades seemed to be a little more cool toned and they were more noticeable on my fair skin even after blended. 
  • For the price point, I would like to see more product included but I did like that they did include a high quality blending sponge. I had better luck using the sponge wet. You can use it either wet or dry. 
  • The only other issue I had was that the stick was a little too wide when trying to use it around my nose. It was a little trickier to get more precision in that area, but it worked well for the rest of my face.
What do you think of this product? Have you tried it? Do you prefer cream or powder contours? Comment and let me know, I'd love to hear from you!

Monday, November 23, 2015

How to Coordinate Your Holiday Gift Giving

I can hardly believe that Thanksgiving is this week and Christmas is right around the corner! I seriously don't know where the time goes! I'm usually a last minute Christmas shopper, but this year I'm trying to get a lot of my shopping done in advance. I hope to beat the rush, find some great deals and have everything wrapped and ready to go well in advance of Christmas! Fingers crossed! When I'm looking for a gift for someone and may not have any specific ideas in mind, I try to find one thing that reminds me of that person. It could be something as simple as the color blue. I then work off that idea to coordinate a special gift for them. 
Press Samples
One easy idea is finding that person's favorite color in a nail polish and pairing it with a coordinating watch. Both are useful gifts that most women would love. Plus, I'm just loving the designs from Q&Q. Each watch retails at $40. There are 16 different color selections available in the Smile Solar Series on their website so you can find the perfect design for anyone in your life! They also have other collections available, so be sure to check out their website!
These watches are powered by light and can run for 3.5 months after they are fully charged and are made from recycled materials!
When you purchase a Q&Q SmileSolar watch, a portion of the proceeds is donated to TABLE FOR TWO to deliver school meals to children in Africa and Asia.
More about TABLE FOR TWO:
In our world of 7 billion, 1 billion suffer fom malnutrition, while another 1 billion suffer from obesity. TABLE FOR TWO rights this imbalance by simultaneously addressing the two opposing problems through a unique "calorie transfer" program. By partnering with over 600 corporations, universities, restaurants, and organizations implementing our program in their establishments and products. TFT has served over 50 million healthy meals to both sides of the "table". On one side people are eating healthier meals, and on the other children are receiving nutritious school meals. 


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