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Friday, November 21, 2014

How to get Voluminous Hair with VOLOOM

Going to the salon or drugstore, one of the type of products that are abundant are volumizing products. I think most women regardless of hair type have had this problem! I have naturally curly hair and so my hair can appear to have more volume when in actuality it is a fine texture. When I straighten my hair I miss having some of that volume that my curls naturally provides. Instead of using yet another product to try to get that volume into my hair, I've been turning to VOLOOM. I've definitely never seen anything like this. It is a hair tool that appears to look like a straightener at first glance but you will see that there are plates inside that look very different. When applying the VOLOOM tool to sections of your hair, it essentially creates a crimped look which creates volume in seconds. 
Press Sample

• Lush Volume in minutes
• Fresh lift to 2nd & 3rd day hair
• Height & grip to ponytails and updos
• Anti-aging fullness & body
• Heat-protective ionic, ceramic technology

VOLOOM creates hidden volumizing structure in the under-layers of the hair, lifting the top layers up and away from the scalp. Find out more here:

How to use:
Start with your normal hair style.
VOLOOM is used on dry, styled hair to add volume. Begin with your hair parted normally. You don’t need any mousses, gels or sprays!

Section off top layer, use VOLOOM on under-layers.

Section off the top layer of hair and clip to the side. VOLOOM is used on the under-layers of hair, which are covered by an untreated top layer. Clamp and release VOLOOM quickly on the hair nearest the scalp and a few inches down. 

Repeat on other side. More layers, more volume!
Repeat this process on the other side and the back if needed. Then unclip and VoilĂ !!! VOLOOM adds layers of volumizing structure to your hair, lifting up and away from your scalp. Find out more here.
See the how to video here: Try this in a risk free 30 day trial and only pay three payments of $43.33 with free shipping.

Final thoughts:
This product was really easy to use and really only took seconds. I liked that I didn't need to use another product in my hair to create this effect. The tool certainly worked in the way that it was advertised in that you can obviously see that my hair is much more voluminious in the after picture. The only issue I had was that because my hair is so thin that you could see some of the crimped layers even though I didn't crimp the very top layer. Some of the crimped parts would peek through the top. It wasn't that noticeable however. I think if you have a little thicker hair that it may not be a problem for you. Overall I found this to work well and be easy to use.

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