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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Weightloss Journey Phase III: Completed

Wow, I can hardly believe I'm 75% through my first year of my weight loss journey which I started in April. I am disappointed with my total weight loss, but what I'm not disappointed with is that I'm still doing this and I'm still motivated. I'm still making progress towards a life long goal and that's what matters.

Check out my other posts and see where I started:
Weightloss Phase I: End of April through end of July (16 pounds lost)
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Weightloss Phase III: End of October - end of January (0 pounds lost)

My goals for Phase III were:
1800 calories per day, 6-10K steps per day, 10K steps per day at least twice a week, 2 pounds lost per week, workout 3-5 days per week, continue with clean eating, increase organic eating to 80% total organic, continue to phase out all genetically modified foods.

What actually happened in Phase III:
So I've really strayed from those goals. Winter has been a major challenge for me and I've fallen off the wagon with working out. Although I did work out on Sunday, so I'm hoping that is the start of jumping back into walking and lifting weights. I don't want to make excuses, but this winter I have been very sedentary and just can't seem to care to move or work out. I'm sincerely feeling like once the weather gets better, I will be going outside and getting right back onto my walking track around the Mississippi River. 

I have stopped counting calories and tracking my food through My Fitness Pal as well. I was so focused on tracking food the first 6 months, I can tell not doing this has had a negative impact. That coupled with not working out has resulted in no weight loss, but a maintenance phase. It is my goal for Phase 4 to start tracking food and working out again and pushing myself to get to 10,000 steps on my Fitbit tracker. 

Where do I go from here?
I know exactly what I need to do to start losing weight again. I have stuck with clean eating and it's probably the longest I've stuck with any "plan". Clean eating is basically where you only eat real whole natural foods, nothing with ingredients you can't pronounce, limit ingredients to under 10, preferably under 5, lots of vegetables and fruits, organic non GMO (genetically modified), no processed food, etc. It's been an amazing epiphany I've had with clean eating. I now make a lot of food from scratch like granola and jam and I've actually enjoyed grocery shopping which is a task I use to dread. I've had my cheat moments, but overall I've stuck with clean eating and I'm eating more and more organic. 

People who I haven't seen in a month or two continuously comment on how great I'm looking and notice that I've lost weight (even though I haven't these past 3 months). Clean eating can really transform your body and I notice a lot of the puffiness I had before is gone. Even though I may not be dropping pounds left and right, my body is still being transformed. My skin is considerably better, my eyes are brighter and my nails are stronger. Overall I'm feeling much better. 

February 2014

Final thoughts:
I really want to round out this year with an amazing Phase 4. I hope to get back to tracking food and working out. I'm praying for warmer nicer weather to come as soon as possible. I'm thinking of upcoming Spring and Summer and picturing the clothing I want to wear and the way I want to be looking. Another motivation for me is seeing constant testimonials about Advocare, Plexus, and other dieting gimmicks on my facebook page. I want to end Phase 4 with a bang and add my own Clean Eating "testimonial" of how eating real food not chemicals is what transforms your health and body. I think the only way to truly make this change for life is through Clean Eating and exercise. Others may be getting quicker results, but mine will last a lifetime. 

Thanks for your support this year so far. I look forward to updating you again in April. 

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