InTruBeauty: Tips to Restore and Whiten a Christening Dress

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tips to Restore and Whiten a Christening Dress

How To: 
Restore a Christening Gown 

A baby's baptism gown or christening gown can really hold some special significance and meaning. You may even have your gown or the gown of a family member. It becomes even more special when that gown can be passed along through the generations. It may not look great when first taking it out of storage, but I've got some simple easy tips for you on how to whiten and restore a vintage or antique christening gown! 

1. Whiten the gown
Soak the gown for four hours in a product called BIZ which is a stain & odor eliminator. You can find this at Target. Use a 1/2 cup of BIZ and 1/2 cup of Dawn Pure Essentials with 4-6 gallons of water depending on the size of the gown. The water should be room temperature. Rinse it until there is no soap coming out, approximately three or four times. Dip the dress until the water is clear. Do not ring the gown. Hang up the gown dripping wet in a shower or basement.

2. Iron
After the dress is dry, carefully iron the dress on a low heat. Be sure to look at the label on the gown to check what material the dress is and set your iron temperature accordingly. Test it out on a small piece which wouldn't be as visible. Put a new cover on you ironing board or use a towel or clean sheet so there is no transfer onto the dress. Stuff the dress with tissue paper so it hangs right.

3. Pay attention to detail
Cut off any frayed ribbons or simply replace the ribbon or add something new.

4. Store correctly
After the gown has been used, store in an acid free environment with acid free tissue paper.

 So there you have it, four easy steps to restore that vintage christening gown and this truly becomes a dress that can be worn again, generation after generation!! A special thanks to my gorgeous beautiful niece, wonderful sister in law and my mother for doing all the work. :)

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