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Monday, December 30, 2013

Bioelements Great Skin in a Box {Review}

Starter Kit for Sensitive Skin - get Great Skin in a Box

Winter can be tough on our skin. Finding the perfect skincare can be even tougher. First you have to know your skin type (combination, oily, normal, dry) and then address additional concerns (acne, anti-aging, redness), etc. There can be endless amounts of products including oils, cleansers, toners, serums, exfoliaters, and so on. Bioelements has some great skincare boxes which are already picked out for you and put together in a value set. This takes the guess work out of the process for you and makes finding that perfect combination of skincare products that much easier. 
Press Sample 

  • Retails for $95, total value of $144 - save $49 off the individual product price
  • Includes a FREE Instant Emollient - a $29 value!
  • The daily skin care essentials for Sensitive Skin all in one box
  • Gently cleanse without irritating side effects
  • Instantly relieve dehydration and reduce redness
  • Hydrate and smooth while strengthening the skin's protective barrier
  • Keep lips soft, hydrated and protected
  • Don't have sensitive skin? Get starter kits in a box for dry skin, oily skin
My thoughts:

This set contains all full size products and basically provides all you would need in a starter kit for a variety of skin concerns such as sensitive skin or dry skin. I do have some skin sensitivities due to my allergies and do have irritations or allergic reactions to certain products. I was excited to receive this for review to see how it compares to other skincare I've used. 

Probably the first thing I noticed was the sleek clean design and glass bottles. I love products that come in glass bottles, although I'm a little more careful with my face wash which I keep in the shower. The packaging just adds that extra special touch to make you feel really pampered. I really love the simplicity of this set in that it takes the guess work out of skincare. It can be seriously overwhelming with all the skincare options out there and picking the perfect one for yous kin can turn into a stressful undertaking. This really takes the guess work out of it for you. 

This set included everything I needed plus a bonus Instant Emollient ($29 value), which can be used on lips or under eyes. I'd suggest picking whether you want to use it under your eyes or on your lips unless you want to sanitize it after use. The other products included a full size Sensitive Skin Cleanser, full size Calmitude Hydrating Solution and Calmitude Sensitive Skin Moisturizer. 

The Sensitive Skin Cleanser is described as a water activated oil that converts to a gentle foam. I've been a fan of using face oils as cleansers for awhile now and so I really enjoyed this product. There wasn't really much of a scent to it besides the scent of an oil. It includes olive oil, safflower oil, hazelnut oil, jojoba oil, lavender oil, rosemary leaf extract and others. I was not able to get any gentle foam from this and that can just take a little bit of mental adjustment. Your skin will still get clean. After the shower, I definitely felt my skin looked clear and felt clean and refreshed. 

After I applied the Calmitude Sensitive Skin Moisturizer which is a medium weight white colored lotion. This did not have much of a scent to it. Since it is the middle of winter, my skin gets very dry. I found that although I liked the feel of this moisturizer that my face was still left feeling a little tight and I would have to top with a more moisturizing serum. This was probably my least favorite product of the four. I then applied the Calmitude Hydrating Solution which definitely helped to add some much needed moisture. I love the lightweight moisturizing feel from this clear product, which comes in a spray bottle form. It contains calming white tea and licorice extracted blended into a "wetter than water" solution to relieve dehydration, reduce redness and protect against environmental irritants.

Note: I like that spritz from a toner for that final finish, but for best results apply the toner first before the moisturize is applied, as directed. 

The free product inside is a full size Instant Emollient. You can use this on lips or on the under eye area. It looks like a white lipstick, but applies smoothly and evenly in a clear application. This includes Bulgarian rose oil, chamomile and vitamin E to instantly relieve dryness. I absolutely loved this product, especially in conjunction with the Hydrating Solution. You do have to be careful and press lightly or the product seems to tip/bend a little. 

Final thoughts:
Overall, I really enjoyed this set. The major benefit is the discount you receive off of the individual products plus a free emollient. Another thing that stuck out was the glass packaging and simple clean look of the products. I enjoy all the great oils and ingredients in these products and definitely appreciate they are dermatologist and clinically tested to be non-irritating. The downside for me was that in the winter, my skin still felt a little dry. If you have sensitive skin or are dealing with redness or rosacea, I think you will really enjoy this set. If you don't have sensitive skin, be sure to check out some of their other products for acne, dry, combination and any other skin type or issue.

Update: I've been using the Bioelements Recovery Serum in addition and it's really relieved any dryness I've had. It's been a great addition to my skincare routine. It is a clear serum with a lightweight feel when applied that doubles as a makeup primer. You only need a small bit to combat any dryness. It's been -30 windchill around here lately, so this is a definitely must have for me!

What is your favorite skincare product for winter? Comment and let me know! 

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