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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Weight Loss Phase II: Completed

Wow, where did the time go? I can't believe I started my journey to health in late April and here I am already writing about Phase II of my journey. I don't consider this a diet plan as much as a lifestyle change with my main focus being on health.  You can follow along in my weight loss journey, on the left side of my blog you will see a topic "The Skinny" which will link to all my weight loss tips as well as "Healthy Living"  and "Food" which have a lot of recipes and tips for clean eating. I will be detailing my first year broken down into four phases, each consisting of three months and I will update you with my progress, tips and tricks after that phase. 

Check out how I started with my Phase I post! 

                               End of April through end of July: 16 pounds lost
                               End of July through end of October: 8 pounds lost
Phase I: Goals/Numbers 1900 calories per day 5000-7500 steps per day 1 1/2 pounds lost per week Workout 4 times per week Eat Clean 80% of the time, 20% cheat/lenient meals 

In Phase One, I had lost 16 pounds and had a lot of successes as well as a lot of challenges. My goal for Phase II was to kick up the weightloss and lose more weight than I had in Phase I and to amp up my workout and increase the intensity. Below were my numerical goals which I set for Phase II. 
Phase II: Goals/Numbers 1600 calories per day, 10,000 steps per day, 2 pounds lost per week Workout 5 times per week, increase intensity Eat Clean 85% of the time, 15% cheat meals Weigh-in limited to once a week 

I had figured in Phase II that I was ready to decrease my calories from 1900 to 1600, but I found that I usually went over that calorie goal as well as going over my allotted fat and sugar content for the day. I have now upped that through My Fitness Pal and my goal is now around 1800 calories per day which to me has been working much better than 1600 and I feel I'm making more progress.

In Phase I I had been doing excellent at being motivated to walk and workout. In Phase II, I was better with food than with exercising and have realized it really does take both of these hand in hand to see real progress. Part of the issue was fall is the worst time for my allergies as I'm allergic to grass, trees and weeds and often found myself just completely exhausted and with no motivation to walk. It's kind of hard to exercise when you can barely breathe. I had been walking by the river nearly daily but instead had to avoid it due to allergies and workout inside when possible. I also got both the cold and the flu within weeks of each other and that really derailed me. 

Phase III Goals: 1800 calories per day, 6-10K steps per day, 10K steps per day at least twice a week, 2 pounds lost per week, workout 3-5 days per week, continue with clean eating, increase organic eating to 80% total organic, continue to phase out all genetically modified foods. 

I can't say I'm not disappointed with my weight loss for this phase. I know the number on the scale isn't everything. I can see my body transforming and I can visually see that in the past three months I look healthier and I look like I've lost more than 8 pounds. I may be building muscle and losing fat and muscle weighs more. I know all of that intellectually, but the number on the scale is hard to swallow when I've worked really hard.

I also realize this is a journey to health. I can focus on the fact that I feel better, that I have less migraines and less inflammation and knee pain, that I'm more motivated and that my skin looks healthier and brighter. Whether it be slow or not so slow, I KNOW I will make my end goal and that's not something I've ever been able to say before with confidence. This is hands down the longest I've stuck to a "plan" and I have organic and clean eating to thank. I have the extra fire lit under me to avoid GMO (genetically modified) foods and support local business and farmers instead of big business who puts chemicals into our foods and only looks at their profit.

What is my "diet plan" aka lifestyle change? 
  • Eating Organic and non GMO
  • Counting calories, fat, sugar, etc through My Fitness Pal app
  • Scanning foods through Fooducate app
  • My focuses when grocery shopping are: 1) Do I need to buy this product organic? 2) What are the ingredients in this product? 3) Is this genetically modified?
  • Focusing on ingredients more than calories has been key to my success. I look for foods with no more than 10 ingredients, 5 or less ideally. 
  • I look for foods with ingredients that I can pronounce. This is not about depriving yourself. I still eat cookies, they're just organic and baked fresh from my local co-op, with ingredients posted. I eat a lot more vegan and gluten free foods. I still eat potato chips, it's just they are non GMO and the ingredients consist of potatoes, salt, peanut oil instead of 20 chemicals. 
  • I eat the real whole foods. This leaves me feeling full and satisfied. Try to avoid foods with MSG or yeast extract (hidden form of MSG) in it since this is made to keep you wanting more and the food companies know this! 
With the holidays coming up, I'm working with my family to create a completely GMO free and organic thanksgiving. I challenge you to do the same with your families!  I've got Christmas to look forward to as my next motivator to kick this into gear.

Here's to Phase III! I will write another update at the end of January, so stay tuned!

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