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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ouidad Product Reviews

If you've got curly or wavy hair like I do, chances are you've tried just about every curly hair product out there. One of my favorite hair product lines for curls is Ouidad. My long curls can be pretty difficult to deal with without the right hair products! It is one of the few brands/lines targeted to curls that I think works better than regular products. Keep reading to see some of the hair styles I created as well as my reviews on the Ouidad products I used to create these looks!

Samples provides for review

Ouidad Double Detangler

I prefer to use wide tooth combs or the wet brush to brush through my curls. I usually never try to brush through dry hair since that usually spells a frizzy disaster. I've never quite seen a comb like this before. This is called the double detangler because it has double rows of teeth to eliminate difficult knots and prevent curls from springing back and re-tangling. This is quite heavy for a comb and a little awkward. I was able to use it detangle both wet and dry hair. this is suppose to save you time since "curls are prepped to be styled or washed in half the time." It retails for $26 which is a little steep for a comb, but if you have unruly hair and are looking for a detangling comb, you may want to give this a try!

Color Sense Color Preserving Conditioner 
I love curl products that do double duty like the Color Sense Color Preserving Conditioner since a lot of us curly girls also color our hair and use heat, numerous styling products, and sometimes just treat our curls with less than TLC. The Color Lock complex – including Beta-Carotene and Lycopene contains broad spectrum, plant-based sun filters which help affix color to the hair fibers and shield against fading due to UV exposure and styling. This product also contains a blend of apricot oil and honey. I really loved the way my hair felt after using this and I thought my color remained looking pretty great. The only thing I didn't love is that since I use a lot of conditioner, I ran out of this too quickly. A lot of this is a good thing! :)

Add in a headband and a low pony with some strands loosely pinned for a messy yet stylish pony! 

Volumizing Styling Spray 

You may be well aware that a lot of curly hair is actually very fine in texture and sometimes although the curls bring volume to your hair, you can still have days where you need that extra oomph. I love using this type of product when I'm wearing a headband and want my curls to be extra bouncy and I can create a little bump behind the headband. I liked the easy to use spray bottle  with a fine mist that covered a lot of area. I did notice more volume after use of this and some fluffing up. It didn't leave my hair feeling sticky and actually didn't feel like I added anything additional! There was no stickiness, stiffness or crunch to this at all. It really felt weightless. This also contains a blend of Wheat Proteins, Wheat Amino Acids and Glycerin to add moisture and conditions curls for increased manageability and softness.

Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel 

This gel is "formulated with heat-activated wheat protein that breathes in humidity, protects the hair shaft and prevents hair from expanding." It contains amino acids and vitamin A to nourish and hydrate hair and can double as a heat protectant. Again, I love products that do double duty since you can use this as a heat protectant as well if you're going to blow dry or straighten your hair. With my curls, I don't think I'll ever be satisfied that they look completely smooth and frizz free. I did notice some improvement not using any product for frizz but it didn't completely eliminate frizz. I did think my curls looked well defined and were easy to manage. The overall reviews on this product show a lot of love! 

What's your favorite curl or wave product? Comment and let me know! 

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