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Monday, November 11, 2013

Dinner for 5 in 5 minutes for under 5 dollars!

What you will need
-Whole Wheat Couscous (plain)
-Mixed Veggies
-Seasonings (pepper, salt, garlic, cayenne) 
-Cashews or Walnuts
-Black beans or lentils (optional)

When you come home and you're just starving and you need a meal like right then, actually like five minutes before right then, it can be hard to eat healthy. That is why I keep some staples in my pantry for these emergency situations. Before this, I would've popped in an unhealthy frozen dinner or picked up fast food. But eating great doesn't have to mean lots of extra time and money. 

The first staple I love to keep in my house is couscous. This is actually a pasta. I recommend getting the whole wheat pasta, it tastes the same and will leave you feeling fuller and eating less. You can find couscous at pretty much any grocery store. If you have a dry bulk foods section, you can chose just the amount you're going to need and since you aren't paying for a brand name or packaging, it's usually cheaper and is a nice switch from regular pasta or rice. A box of couscous at Trader Joes retails for $1.99 and contains 8 servings! That comes to about .25 cents per serving! 

Couscous is also super easy to make. You basically boil equal parts water and equal parts couscous. Once the water starts to boil, take it off the heat and add in the couscous. Cover and let sit for 3-5 minutes and it is done! I don't mind eating it plain with some pepper, salt and amish roll butter or it pairs really well with veggies. I've been seriously loving my Organic Foursome from Trader Joe's. This is a mix of carrots, green beans, corn and peas. This cost $1.69 and contains 5 servings with only 50 calories per serving. I'm not a huge veggies person, but I have no problem incorporating the Organic Foursome into plenty of dishes and it ends up costing you .34 cents per serving! The couscous and veggies will run you a total of $3.68 and you can make at the very least 5 servings from that, costing a total of .74 cents per serving! 
What is black garlic?
-garlic that has been fermented at a high heat
-the taste is sweet with hints of balsamic, tarmarind and licorice overtones. 
-you don't have to cook this, it is ready to eat
-this has a much sweeter taste than regular garlic and does have a licorice type scent and feel, you can actually take a little piece and eat it to test it out which I definitely wouldn't recommend with regular garlic. It is smokey and yet sweet.
-Is basically a super garlic, containing TWICE the antioxidant properties of regular garlic including increased protection against infection, disease and cancer.
-I purchased from my co-op, they only have it at certain times from a local farm

I've eaten just the couscous and the mixed veggies with amish roll butter before. But if you want to create more of a complete meal for your family, add in some red onions, garlic, seasonings (black pepper, pink himalayan salt and cayenne pepper for a little kick), cashews or walnuts and black beans or lentils. Couscous is so versatile you can really play around with it and it is REALLY hard to mess it up! This dish would also pair well as just a side to a nice grilled chicken breast. 

I hope I've convinced some of you that you can eat healthy (and organic) and have it be affordable, quick and tasty! Comment and let me know what is your favorite way to make couscous or leave me a quick meal tip! I'd love to hear from you! 

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