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Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Ridiculous Marketing Folly of the Guy Bourdin Collection from NARS

**This post contains disgusting violent images that objectify women and glorify violence against women**

NARS GUY BOURDIN Collection for Holiday 2013
I agree, cover your eyes ladies!!!!

For posts like this, I always go back and forth over sharing the images or not. I don't want to be part of the problem or promote this product launch in any way, shape or form. But it's also hard to write about my strong feelings on this topic without actually showing you what I mean. I feel physically ill looking at some of these images, especially the first one posted. I actually receive the press information from NARS and so these were photos I was sent to use to promote their the new Guy Bourdin collection, which I will NOT being doing!

"Splendor in the Grass"
Image received from NARS Press Materials 
From NARS:
The wait is officially over: NARS Cosmetics is thrilled to reveal the limited edition NARS Guy Bourdin Holiday 2013 collection. As a child, NARS Founder and Creative Director François Nars discovered Guy Bourdin’s work in the pages of French Vogue. It was then that Nars was first inspired to become a makeup artist. Today François Nars honors Bourdin’s legacy with an entire limited edition collection for Holiday 2013 displaying bold uncompromising color and high-impact finishes in shades that launch us into his intriguing, high-fashion world. Along with the Color collection are eight Gifting options for the Holiday season. Each set displays a Guy Bourdin print on the box, created in the spirit of Guy Bourdin
“This collection is an homage to [Bourdin] because he was such an inspiration in my life,” Nars, founder and creative director of the brand. 

I get that to some people this may be art and it should be allowed to be expressed without censorship and that art is meant to make you feel and can be controversial. I however do not think a depiction of a woman laying face down naked in the grass is art. I don't know what the message is suppose to be besides this woman was clearly just raped or assaulted and is laying in the grass so buy this makeup collection? What!? 
Image received from NARS Press Materials 

And who the hell is Guy Bourdin? I guess I'm not hip enough to have known before this. He is a french fashion photographer born in the 1920s.
"Bourdin was the first photographer to create a complex narrative, then snatch a moment — sensual, provocative, shocking, exotic, surrealistic, sometimes sinister — and simply associate it with a fashion item. The narratives were strange and mysterious, sometimes full of violence, sexuality, and surrealism" From Wikipedia
For a for French Vogue shoot in 1970, "Guy Bourdin smeared a film of glue onto the models’ faces before applying hundreds of sequins. He then decided it would be best to paste them over the model’s entire bodies as well. Unfortunately, after applying the glue their skin could not breathe, and the models began blacking out. The editor said “we can’t go any further. These girls will die.” And Guy replied “Oh it would be so beautiful – to have them dead in bed!” Read more here.

Guy Bourdin photograph

There's so many advertising images which just show a part of a woman, just her legs or just her bust as if we aren't a full human being. There are other images where the woman literally becomes an object such as the stand of a lamp or her breasts are pool balls. This is the epitome of making a woman just an object and it is harmful and repulsive. Once you start looking you'll be shocked at how many violent, demeaning and objectifying images of women there are out there in marketing or "art". And I'm not talking a sexy woman standing next to a car or eating a burger but images that go way beyond just sex to make a woman appear as just an object or just a body part.

Guy Bourdin Photo

You can read more about this topic and see more of the images I'm taking about in my prior post:

Okay so let him taking his creepy photos depicting women as murder or rape victims in the name of art because he has mommy issues (his mom abandoned him when he was little), but what could possibly convince a brand that this is a good idea for a makeup collection! I'm sure I'll be removed from the press list, but it's totally worth it. I hope you join me in boycotting this collection and expressing your thoughts to the brand. This will make me think twice before ever purchasing another item from NARS or promoting any of their collections. It makes me physically sick to share these images, but I hope by doing so I'm raising awareness about this cause which I am so passionate about.

Make your voice heard as well: 

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