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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fragrance Series Part I: On the Lighter Side

I think women are always on the search for that perfect signature perfume. We walk past all the bottles in the perfume section of the department store and can't help but be swept up by their gorgeous designs and come hither fragrance. Today I'm bringing you Part I in a two part series of some fragrance reviews, with variety ranging from L'Occitane usa to Adidas. This post will focus on the lighter, floral and fruity scents and part two which will be up within a week, will focus on more serious, mature and deeper scents. I kind of think of these as more fall scents and part two as more scents for the holidays and winter. 

To me, the Clary Sage Tea Collection by Thymes is a must have scent. I have sensitivity to scents so I'm always on the search for products that are light, natural and feminine. Their packaging definitely reflects this and makes it a cute addition to any home. In researching this company (which is based in my old stomping grounds, Minneapolis, MN,) I learned they have envisioned and created exactly what I'm looking for in a fragrance:
 "What makes a Thymes fragrance? It’s a scent that’s fresh and clean, instantly familiar yet remarkably engaging."
I received the bubble bath for review and I love coming home to this and relaxing in a nice hot tub. The scent is not overwhelming, but it is just as Thymes states above: fresh & clean. Aromas include Assam black tea, fresh rosemary sprigs, soothing lavender and purple clary sage petals which are combined with notes of sandalwood and amber to create a complex fragrance. This is available in so many forms with prices ranging from $13-27, to ensure you'll find the exact perfect product for yourself or as a gift for another. For more information see

I've tried GUESS Girl before, so I was excited as excited can be to test out GUESS Girl Belle. I knew I already loved GUESS Girl for the simple, sweet and flirty scent, so I was curious if I would love Girl Belle as well and I do! I can't really decide which I love more actually! Girl Belle is as fresh and feminine as GUESS Girl, but Belle brings some vibrant fruity notes that linger with sexy floral tones and is made with Pink Champagne, Peony and Sandalwood. I think I reach for Girl more often when I'm in a flirty fun mood and Girl Belle when I'm in more of a sexy mood. Rawr :) Available worldwide September 2013 for $52 at GUESS retail stories, perfumery chains, department stores and

Each year, Halloween brings a sense of fear, mystery, and fun to homes around the world. Trick or treating, carving a jack-o’-lantern, and throwing spooky parties are all part of annual American traditions When guests come over, introduce an element of mystery to their sense of smell with Thymes Fig Leaf & Cassis. This sensually exotic fragrance features verdant fig leaf, sweet cassis, mandarin oil, and juniper berry, but also includes purifying cypress essence to add a hint of spice for an element of mystery. Thymes Fig Leaf & Cassis comes in both a Cologne ($60) and Home Fragrance Mist ($17), leaving guests wondering what has been used to make your home smell so enticing.
About: "Capture the aromatic essence with L’Occitane’s Lavender Collection, and let the fresh scent transport you to the hills of the south of France . Lavender Eau de Cologne ($52): Brightened by the radiant freshness of citrus fruits, this Cologne has a light, breezy scent, underlined by a woody, musky base with a captivating trail. Lavender Foaming Bath ($34): This rich formula offers all the relaxing benefits of Haute-Provence Lavender. It generously foams in the bath, leaving skin supple, clean and fragrant."
"Lavender Scented Candle ($25): The Lavender scented candle fills your home with a relaxing scent, creating a warm and inviting ambiance."

I normally love everything L'Occitane usa and I especially love lavender scents, but the eau de cologne didn't quite do it for me. I wasn't that fond of the round bottle for perfume, it just didn't make it look special enough in my eyes. I think that may possibly be because I think of this more as a uni-sex scent and they may have wanted to appeal to more people. After I form my opinion on a product, I like to then look up reviews to see what other's are saying about it. For this product, I found that people either absolutely loved it or hated it. I was disappointed with the lavender scent which smelled more perfumey to me than like natural lavender. Don't give up if this isn't for you because out of the probably twenty or more L'Occitane products I've tried, only two weren't for me and they were both a little heavy handed in the fragrance department.

For those looking for some seriously fruity, light and sporty scent, Adidas has you covered with their new body sprays! These are available in three signature scents, Pure Lightness, Fruity Rhythm and Natural Vitality and are only $3.47 each and are available at Walmart! 

Which scent would you must be likely to purchase or be drawn to the most? Comment and let me know, I'd love to hear from you! Stay tuned for part two where I explore some perfumes with more of a serious side! 

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