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Friday, September 27, 2013

Make Up For Ever Artisan Brushes {Review}

Make Up For Ever Artisan Brushes

Go to their interactive website here: which includes a brush finder, pro tips, brush encyclopedia, backstage information & photos! Available at Sephora, and Make up for ever boutiques.

I was instantly attracted to this collection. First because I expect the highest of quality from Make Up For Ever's products and second because I absolutely "have a thing" for makeup brushes! A few years ago before I was really into makeup, I wouldn't even know what to do with a makeup brush or know why they were important. Using a brush to apply your makeup can completely change the look of a product, optimizing the potential of each product, whether drugstore or high-end. It can make makeup application easier and make a flawless look completely achievable. I received these brushes as press samples from the company. This post reflects my honest opinions based on extensive testing.

"MAKE UP FOR EVER proudly announces a revolution in brushes with the introduction of seventy-six cutting-edge brushes, the most expansive luxury brush collection available today.The construction of each brush involved 25 unique stages, and was hand-crafted by a total of 30 people from start to finish."
Final result using the five brushes pictured above
"What differentiates this brush collection from any other is the specific synthetic fiber technology that exists in several diameters and types: wavy or straight depending on the required use. When fibers are straight, application is more generous and precise, while wavy bristles are more splayed, allowing for a lighter and freer application. A unique combination of the two fiber textures gives infinite creative possibilities. The softness and performance of each set of bristles is ensured by using tweezers and not scissors, while fibers are fixed in place with a ferrule made from a gunmetal barrel. With no detail spared, the beech wood brush handles were created with a beveled end to allow for easier product retrieval and can be used to assist in faux lash application."

The Artisan Brush Collection is classified in a way that is
extremely practical for artists everywhere:
100s = complexion
200s = eyes
300s = lips
400s = artistic specially designed for professionals
MUFE brushes

122 Blending Brush $48
Created with two distinct, straight bristle lengths, this versatile brush can be used for varying application techniques. Its delicate, flexible end allows for a natural, translucent foundation result while its firmness allows you to build coverage if desired. This ultra soft brush can be used with liquid foundations as well as loose and compact powders and is ideal for applying foundation to sensitive skin.
I've used this to apply liquid foundation as well as apply loose powder, blush and a highlighter. I think it was successful in all of those uses. In the future I will probably mainly use this to apply a highlighter onto the cheekbone area. I like my highlighters to appear like an effortless natural glow and having a fluffy soft brush like this can definitely accomplish that. When I use this brush with loose powder, it also does a great job and I finish off areas like my chin, under my eyes and around my nose with the more densely packed buffer blush brush. 
158 Double Ended Sculpting Brush $53
Boasting two brushes in one, this double-ended brush is the perfect tool for powder application and sculpting. Use the rounded side, with has both straight and wavy fibers, for traditional powder application or highlighting. The angled side, which features wavy fibers, is perfect for sculpting the cheekbones. This brush can be used with loose and compact powders.
This is definitely a must have brush! My favorite aspect of this brush is the angled end. I use a Mally contour shade that is a matte light brown color from my Mally Shape, Shimmer & Brighten. I find that this angled end fits perfectly into the hollows of my cheeks, thus making application of a contour shade to shape my face and make it appear slimmer insanely easy. Love it! I use the other end as a blush brush and have been applying my Smashbox blush in Bare, which is a perfectly gorgeous natural shade. This brush is more expensive at $53, but it contains two absolutely essential pieces to any makeup collection and really is a 2 in 1 product! 
154 Buffer Blush Brush $44
This tool was designed like a shaving brush for creating a high-performance, doll-like blush effect. With the use of small circular movements, the firm bristles can layer powder blush for a smooth, bold look or blend colors quickly and easily for a softer, more natural tone. This brush features straight and wavy fibers, and can be used with loose and compact powders.
My main uses for this brush is for some finishing touches with loose setting powder. I concentrate using this brush underneath my eyes, around my nose, on my chin and over any imperfections. Small circular motions work best with this densly packed brush. I have applied my Smashbox blush in Bare with this for the perfect natural boost of color. They are match made in heaven! I find this brush is easy to use with either loose powder or traditional blush. When applying blush, I start with the apples of my cheeks and make small circular motions up towards my hairline.
204 Double-ended Shader & Smudger Brush $25
This brush features a short, rounded, tapered eye shadow brush on one end. The other end is tipped with a rounded and tapered sponge applicator, used to blend and smudge. This two-in-one tool features straight fibers, is easy and quick to use, and is effective with creams, pencils, liquids, and pressed powders.
The shader end of this is a very small brush for eyeshadow application. I found it worked best for me when applying loose eyeshadow as a thicker liner on the upper lash line. It worked great to pack on that loose shadow. If you're trying to apply a base color or work with an all over lid color, this will take a little more work. For me, this is going to be reserved for finer details, packing on loose color, and creating thicker lines. As for the sponge applicator on the other end, I'm usually not as much of a fan of sponge applicators and found this to be just okay. It didn't quite work to apply shadow on the lower lash line and it created a little bit of a mess when I tried to use it as a smudger. It is a good price for a 2 in 1 brush, but could be one you can skip. 
414 Body Kabuki $43
The flat shape of this brush makes it ideal for quick application. The flexible, wavy fibers create an even, consistent tone, and can be used with all pressed and loose powders.
I wanted to test out this brush as I have some body foundation and powder bronzers for body that just don't work great when applied with my hands or with the included applicator. I thought a brush like this would make application of body products much easier, more even and quicker! This is definitely a handy brush to have!
120 Medium Powder Fan Brush $31
This iconic fan-shaped brush was originally designed to clean off excess product from the face or under the eyes. Its unique shape also delivers artistic results such as watercolor and circular effects, and it can also be used to dust on glitter. Recommended for use with any type of powder, it features straight and wavy fibers.
I have a serious hate for fall out from eyeshadows. It always seems to fall right under my eye area and get packed in and stick to my foundation. Wiping it off with a tissue, q-tip or my fingers just seems to make it worse and I end up having to use makeup remover and re-apply concealer and/or foundation. So I was very curious how this brush would work. I chose the medium, but there are other types and sizes of the fan brushes to meet your exact need. I used loose eyeshadow powder and did have fall out. I used this to wipe away the shadow and found it got rid of about 80-90% of the loose shadow without it sticking to my face and causing darkness. This is definitely a much needed brush to a common problem many of us have! 
The design of these brushes are so beautiful and they are hand crafted. I love the overall style, look and feel of the handles. Be sure to check out the website as they have 76 brushes available for each and every need! If I had to buy just one I would recommend #158 Double Ended Sculpting Brush as my favorite. Which brush do you just have to have? Comment and let me know!!

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