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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hair Rehab: Simple Tips for Shiny, Silky Smooth Hair

With the change of the seasons, it's always a great idea to put a little extra effort and tlc into your locks. Ideally I wish I could pay this attention to my hair every 2 weeks or so, but in reality it tends to be much less. However, I'm always super happy and glad I did it when I see the results that I got. Keep reading for my simple tips on how to rehab your hair for the changing season!

1. Make a hair mask
I like blending the oils that I have with a favorite hair mask in order to achieve a thicker consistency. I used L'Occitane's Aromacholoige Repairing Mask which is a great stand alone mask, but also a supercharged mask when I pair it with my favorite oils. I blended this mask with Vitamin E oil which you can find at your drugstore, Jojoba oil which I purchased from Trader Joe's and my new favorite coconut oil, Skinny & Co.
Blend all products together and then leave this sit in your hair for 30 minutes to an hour. I usually wear a shower cap to avoid getting oil on anything, or you can wrap your head in plastic wrap if you don't have a shower cap. I also like to apply some heat with my blow dryer so the mask really penetrates my strands. After around an hour, I rinse this out with shampoo and add conditioner. 

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2. Condition
Conditioning your hair is so essential to hair rehab and maintaining your hair's overall health and appearance. The conditioner I've been using daily is Organix Argan Oil & Shea butter. This leaves my locks feeling soft and my curls looking great and easy to manage. I also love the scent and have been complimented several times on it. You can find this product at Walgreen's and it retails around $7. 

3. Styling Cream with Heat Protectant
The next step is to use a good styling cream. My recent favorite is Andre Walker's Get it Straight Styling Creme from the Gold Line. You want to make sure your styling cream has a heat protectant built in if you plan on using any heat. Andre Walker's Get it Straight is formulated with thermal protection and infused with African Mongongo Oil. It cuts down my drying time since it helps get my hair straight faster. If your styling cream does not have a heat protectant built in, you'll want to use one in addition.
4. Handle that frizz
If you've got seriously frizz prone hair like I do, you may want to end with adding a finishing touch. I highly recommend Color Wow's One Minute Transformation Styling Cream. You only need a very small amount of this product and after rubbing it together in your hands, just apply to your strands and watch the frizz be instantly smoothed. You can also apply heat to supercharge your results. I definitely noticed immediate results. 

5. Add in volume 
So now that your strands are perfectly smoothed and looking perfect and you've spent all that time on them, its time to mess them up a little bit and make your final result look like it was effortless! I ran my fingers through my hair, adjusted my part and massaged my fingers through the roots. I then applied some Organix Sea Salt spray to create instant volume and waves. 

Spending this extra time on my hair today really did make me feel great and I love running my hands through my  now silky soft locks. I have naturally curly hair and when I straighten my hair I can usually get 2, possibly even 3 days out of that blow out with the proper dry shampoo and beach waves spray. 

What is your favorite hair rehab tip? Comment and let me know, I'd love to hear from you!


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