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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Weight Loss Phase I: Completed!

I'm going to break this year's weightloss journey into four phases just like they do on ABC's Extreme Weightloss which is a show I've been enjoying. Each phase will be three months long and I will evaluate my successes, struggles, goals and progress.

These first three months have been good. I started my journey in late April to very early May, roughly a little over 3 1/2 months. In that time, I have lost 16 pounds but clean eating can really transform your body and so I think I look like I've lost more. I'm averaging about 4.5 pounds lost per month.

Phase I: Goals/Numbers 
1900 calories per day 
5000-7500 steps per day
1 1/2 pounds lost per week 
Workout 4 times per week
Eat Clean 80% of the time, 20% cheat/lenient meals

Phase II: Goals/Numbers
1600 calories per day
10,000 steps per day
2 pounds lost per week
Workout 5 times per week, increase intensity
Eat Clean 85% of the time, 15% cheat meals
Weigh-in limited to once a week

Phase I Struggles
  • Consuming too much sugar
  • Consuming too much fat 
  • Not having proper balance between Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats. Aim for 40/40/20
  • Not getting enough iron 
  • Not eating enough veggies 
  • Not getting consistent sleep, either too much or too little
  • Weighing myself daily
My struggles in Phase I have been more with food than working out. I have been really good about getting out there and walking 4-5 times per week. I've heard over and over that it's more about what you eat than about working out. Chips and pizza are my main areas of struggles. When I get a craving for chips, I try to by "cleaner" chips without a bunch of yucky ingredients and yes chips like that do exist, but my self control still doesn't! I actually know where I can get a small snack size bags of chips to satisfy a craving instead of buying a larger bag. The bags of chips in the checkout aisles have around 500-600 calories total. I use to eat one of those bags at a time and they have 4 servings in one bag. I'm much more careful about portion sizes now and it's made a big difference.

 My main goal for Phase II is to have a quicker shred of the pounds so that in Phase III I can really amp up my workouts to be more intense. My overall goal is to become an athlete again. I've started jogging now and I was shocked last night at how far I can jog now compared to three months ago. 

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Phase I Successes
  • Lost 16 pounds
  • Feel much better, more energy and improvement in overall mood
  • Significantly reduced medications 
  • Visible changes including stronger core/better posture, improvement in skin's appearance
  • Gone down one pants size 
  • Have reached 10,000 step goal many days over, overall high 13,000 steps 
  • Cooking creatively, having fun experimenting with food. Significantly decreased eating out.
  • Turning to alternative and natural medicines over traditional medicine and prescriptions 
    • Cupping massage, traditional massage, lavender for headaches, foods rich in magnesium for headaches, cherries for pain, Rescue Remedy (flower blend) for stress 
  • Paying close attention to labels, GMOs, Gluten, Preservatives/additives/dyes 
  • Reading a lot of information about healthy weightloss and eating
What has helped me to reach these successes
  • Fitbit zip pedometer 
  • My Fitness Pal application to track my food
  • Fooducate application to scan and rate food
  • Ipod/music 
  • Support of family and friends
  • Facebook weightloss support groups 
  • Taking before & after pictures
  • Buying cute workout clothes
  • Looking at more than the number on the scale, reflecting on how I feel and how I look, not just how much I weigh. Ie: redefining what success looks like to me
  • Realizing tomorrow is another day, next week is another week. Small set backs aren't worth throwing in the towel. This is a lifetime journey to health and wellness.
  • Other fitness tools like fitbook, natural fitness yoga mat and core ball, blogged about here

I'm hoping this is helping others out there. Please comment and share, I'd love to hear your stories! Although I continue to write about beauty, I will also be writing about fitness, health, clean eating and my weightloss progress so be sure to follow me so you can track along with me on my journey! Thank you for your support. Let's help each other on our journey to health & wellness! 

Check out some clean eating snacking tips here:

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