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Friday, August 2, 2013

Fitness Favorites

Fitness Favorites
Contains some press samples

My Fitness Favorites: 
1. Fitbook 
2. Fitbit Zip 
3. Good quality walking/running shoes
4. Natural Fitness Mini Core ball 
5. Natural Fitness Warrior Yoga Mat 
6. Bloom Organics Recovery 
7. Smartphone apps
8. Bob Harper's Jumpstart to Skinny 

Fitbook from fitlosophy is a handy 12 week notebook to track all of the essential information for your fitness and weight loss journey. You can log your food, water, exercise and really make a plan you're going to stick to. I really enjoy using this to get myself organized and get my goals down on paper. You can find them here:
"The personalized, flexible, and functional fitness + nutrition journal that offers a unique 12-week system to plan for success, track your progress, and reach your goals. at just 5.5", the fitbook is portable - but durable enough to endure being toted around. the fitbook is small in size, but packs a punch in utility with durable plastic coil, an elastic strap to mark your place, a handy slot in the back to stash your gym card, and includes a pint-size pen."
Fitbit Zip is my newest favorite little toy. It is basically a pedometer and so it tracks the amount of steps you've taken in a day and how many calories you've burned. It also keeps time which is handy for those that never wear a watch like myself and there's also an emoticon to keep you smiling and motivated. This little gadget can clip onto your pants, bra or be kept in your pocket without being a bother. It is extremely accurate and can count walking up stairs as well. My favorite feature is it syncs to my computer and my smart phone and also works in conjunction with My Fitness Pal which is an app I will discuss more below. Find more information here:

Find more information here:

Fitbit cheers you along, you can earn badges for reaching certain milestones, it will let you know when you've almost reached your goal for the day and congratulate you when you have. I also got my first week's progress update in an email. I love being able to see my stats in such an easy to read format. My goal going forward is to walk 10,000 steps each and every day. I had a low activity day and even though I didn't get home from work until 8:15 and hadn't eaten dinner yet, I got on a treadmill and walked for 25 minutes because I didn't want my weekly average to be pulled down by it! It has been an amazing tool and retails around $60.00.

Walking Shoes. Having a solid pair of walking or running shoes is key. I have two good pairs that I use and sometimes switch them out depending on what I'm doing and to avoid any blistering. There are different shoes for all different types of fitness goals and activities and those that will fit your foot type. Be sure to find the right one. If your feet hurt, chances are your workout is going to get cut short. 

Mini Core Ball from Natural Fitness. Natural Fitness is a yoga and fitness website that brings you an array of equipment from yoga mats to accessories to weighted balls. Their products are easily categorized for Toning & Strength, Yoga Tools and balance and stability. One of my main problem areas is my posture and my stomach. I really wanted to work on strengthening my stomach muscles and working on posture. This is where the Mini Core ball comes in. I use this by placing it under my tailbone and doing 8-12 reps in 2-3 sets including scissor kicks and sit-ups. I absolutely can feel the burn and I know its making a difference in just the couple weeks I've been using it. This is also a small sized ball and so its not going to get in the way at all, especially for apartment living. Find out more here:
"Approximately 8" diameter it is small enough to fit in your suitcase, this ball delivers big results. By allowing you to do madicine ball type moves like plyometric push ups, fitness core work like ball squats, or stability ball stretches like back extensions, this piece of equipment can help you build strength, improve balance, and tone your core. Manufactured using non-toxic/phthalate-free material that is safer for the user and has little impact on the environment, whether you use it at home or on the road, the Mini-Core ball is sure to make a big difference." Retails $12.99
Warrior Yoga Mat from Natural Fitness. I use this in conjunction with the Mini Core ball when doing those exercises. I also use this for stretching and when I'm doing my kettlebell workouts. I have carpet throughout most of my home and so this really makes those exercises easier. I have a smaller space to work with so its nice to roll out my yoga mat and create a workout space of my own. This has a really sturdy feel to it and comes in a bunch of great looking colors. Mine is teal. Find more information here.
"Highly durable, it is built to withstand the daily sessions of the most intense and lengthy yoga practices. Manufactured without harmful phthalates or toxic chemicals found in the PVC foam mats, it allows you to center yourself physically without disrupting your moral compass. Just like the poses that share its name, the Warrior Mat is designed to last and be suitable for all levels to help you continue your battle to be your best." Retails $39.99 
When using the Yoga Mat and Mini Core Ball I also like to be rocking my Natural Fitness Yoga Socks. These have an incredibly cute design with an awesome grip to them. You will not be slipping and sliding around with these. With these three products from Natural Fitness I really feel that I can turn my small space into an exercise oasis and really work on the areas that need to be worked on. 

"Made from premium Organic Cotton and featuring ergonomically-placed nonslip traction on the socks' undersides, this special footwear provides extra grip to ensure you receive the maximum benefit from your workout. Available in two sizes for a great fit and featuring five-toe design to allow for a natural range of movement, these socks will make you feel that your intense workout is no sweat." Retails $12.99 
Bloom Organics Recovery is a liquid blend of natural organic ingredients to help relieve headaches, body aches, nausea, dehydration and general fatigue, while promoting mental/physical stimulation and healthy liver and adrenal function. Every time I am sore from a workout or I know I'm going to be sore the day after, especially after sit-ups/crunches, kettle bells and core exercises, I use this the day of and the day after. It has absolutely amazed me how great it works. There are workouts I know I should be sore after, but with using this, it really does help. I also do espson salt soaks in conjunctions and eat magnesium rich foods. Find more information here:

Smartphone Applications are crucial to my success. I'm down 16 pounds so far and I have all of these fitness tools to thank as well as my Clean Eating program. My two favorite apps which I've talked about time and time again are My Fitness Pal and Fooducate. Both of them have free versions that you can download onto your phone.

For more information on Clean Eating, including basics and where to get started, check out my previous blog post here

Photo from MFP facebook page

My Fitness Pal can take a little getting use to. I will admit I didn't like it at first, but once you start entering food and are use to the way it works, it becomes so much easier. I've logged in every single day for around 60 days and I'm so proud. What I love about this it tells you the nutritional content of the food and puts it in two easy to read formats, one that lists all the nutritional values including Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron, Protein, Fiber, etc and where you are at and a pie chart breakdown of carbs, proteins and fats. 

You can see your weekly progress, log water and exercise and this works with fitbit. Any extra steps you have tracked through fitbit will show up as exercise and extra calories in My Fitness Pal. You can plug in how much weight you want to lose in a week and track your progress MFP then calculates your nutritional values based on weight, height etc and tells you how many calories to eat each week. I was completely in denial about how many calories i was taking in before. If I'm over in calories, I just eat less the next day or get my butt moving and burn more. Stop living in denial, if you want to lose weight you absolutely have to know how many calories you are taking in. 

Photo from fooducate's facebook page

Fooducate is another amazing app that I rely on. You can scan the barcodes to food while shopping and it gives it essentially a grade like one you'd see on a report card. I have scanned something I thought to be okay, even after reading ingredient labels to find out the food is really not that healthy. You may have heard all the news about the NAKED juice drinks and how much absolute crap was in them and were probably surprised. Well, fooducate takes the guess work out of it for you. It lets you know if GMO (genetically modified) food are present, if it is vegan or vegetarian, if it is highly processed, what ingredients you should be cautioned about, MSG and other valuable information. 

Bob Harper's book Jumpstart to Skinny really did give me a jumpstart. I've never followed the program exactly, but I picked and chose what I knew would work for me. His recipes are so filling and easy to make and usually are around 200-300 calories for an enourmous amount of food. If there is a day where I'm hungry but low on calories left to consume, I look to his book for some recipe ideas. He turned me onto quinoa which is an ancient grain with oodles of health benefits. I then turned my family onto quinoa and it has now become a staple in both our households. I think it was his words more than his actual plan that really did light a fire for me and really helped me start this journey. For more information on his plan, click here

I hope that was helpful. Comment and let me know your favorite fitness tool! And don't forget to follow me on Instagram where you can see my favorites first! @intrubeauty 
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  1. I just purchased a fitbit flex online last week and can't wait to receive it in the mail! I have only heard good things about it :)

  2. Very cool...I can't find the plug in for my Up bracelet right now and it's driving me nuts. I need to clean my house so I can get back on track with it. I still haven't signed up for MFP either...need to get on that. It was a summer goal of mine!



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