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Monday, July 1, 2013

RocksBox {Feature}

RocksBox is a monthly subscription service which includes being sent gorgeous pieces of jewelry. You can return them in a prepaid enclosed envelope or you can decide to purchase them at a discounted 20% off member price. You take a style survey so that the jewelry you receive matches your taste and specifications. If you sign up for 12 months, the price is $15/month. The monthly price is $19/month otherwise. I received a free six month membership as part of iFabbo. You can keep and wear your RocksBox pieces for up to 60 days. You can return your set anytime and get set of three right away.

               Loren Hope: Petra Tri-Color Necklace in Teal/Mint/Aqua
                           Lucas Jack: Geo Drop Dangle Earrings in Turquoise and Silver
 Urban Gem: Multifaceted Ring in Antique Silver

What comes in your box?
3 pieces of designer jewelry worth $250 on average, curated especially for you. Exchange as often as you like (free shipping both ways). I received the gorgeous necklace pictured above which was my absolute favorite piece. It retails at $125 and is available for purchase for $100. I will sadly be returning it. I also received the blue earrings in the picture at the top as well as a statement piece silver ring. I liked the earrings as well, but felt they weren't the highest of quality and I really didn't get much of a chance to wear them. The ring was super cute in that if I saw someone wearing it, I'd think "wow, cute ring!" On me, it was a little too small and a little too heavy. The necklace made this month's box worth it. It comes in a super cute white box with a pink bow with separate jewelry bags for each item.
How cute is this box!
There is insurance built in for normal wear and tear but if you lose the piece you will be charged as if you purchased it. I make sure to keep mine in the RocksBox box and put right back after wearing them. I'm definitely concerned with losing a piece especially a more expensive one, so I just am extra careful to keep them safe! I absolutely love that you can return them as much as possible and be sent three more pieces. This is great for fashionistas on a budget. Who can constantly buy three new pieces of quality jewelry all the time? Not many! But with RocksBox your able to pay a small monthly fee which guarantees constant new beautiful pieces. You can also earn referral credits when you friends sign up! If you decide to sign up, help a girl out and use my referral link :)

My favorite piece is the Loren Hope necklace
     Sign Up Here:
What do you think of this subscription service? Is this something that appeals to you? Comment and let me know! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram where I'll post my new pieces first! @intrubeauty
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