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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fitness Series: Come Walk with Me!

I use to seriously hate walking, it just wasn't my thing. One reason for it is that I'm allergic to nature (yes literally) and that can hold me back sometimes. Now I just make sure to take an allergy pill and plan  my outside workouts when counts are low and inside workouts when its too warm out or my allergies are in high gear. Walking is something that anyone can do and its a great way to get started on your workout plan. On days I'm not motivated I tell myself to just walk 30 minutes, thats all you have to do and trust me once you get out there and start moving, you'll likely walk more than 30 minutes. So come along as we go on a walk in photos, where I share all my favorite sites on my walking routes.

First things first: Get your gear on! 
Sunglasses, workout clothes (faves from Old Navy), headband, hair up, SPF, and ipod! I downloaded some new sounds with some serious beats to keep me walking (and maybe even dancing a little).
My hands down absolute favorite SPF is Kate Somerville's 'Daily Deflector™ Waterlight' Broad Spectrum SPF 50+

Okay, so now we're ready to go. Here we go down to the Mississippi River. We'll walk in a circle through the park and mosey on through some gardens as well! 

Okay, I'm seriously lucky to be surrounded by all this beauty and the Mississippi River just blocks from my front door. It definitely motivates me to get off my butt and get outside and watch the sunset. One of the reasons I wanted to share my walk with you is because I'm so appreciative of where I live and the beauty that surrounds me and I just wanted to share it with you. Hopefully this motivates you to explore your own area and get out there!  

Find out more about tracking your steps, sleep, calories, food & water intake here:

My fitbit zip keeps me on track! I made over 10,000 steps on just my first day with it. I walked for an hour in 90 degree weather and then finished my workout inside. I told myself I WILL walk 10,000 steps today and I did! :) I also use My Fitness Pal to track exercise and calories eaten for that day. I set a weight loss goal and try to stick to that. I also use Fooducate to scan foods when grocery shopping to make sure I'm making better choices. Fitbit also syncs to My Fitness Pal so they're super easy to use together. These three applications/programs: fitbit, My Fitness Pal and Fooducate help keep me on track!
I'm also the kind of person that likes to write things down. I have notebooks all over the place along with sticky notes and random scraps of paper. A big part of staying on track with your fitness and weightloss goals are to be organized and have a realistic plan. If you're like me, sometimes, it really helps to write things down instead of just electronically logging it. It's therapeutic almost. That's why I'm loving my fitbook. This book enables me to set a realistic 12 week plan and map out my goals for food, exercise, weightloss, etc. 

The Blue Bridge! My favorite bridge ever. Bonus, there is a walking path along the side of the bridge with stairs down to a local park with more walking paths along the river! We even get to cross into a different state if we go far enough :) Should we? 

Don't forget to stop and smell the flowers! 

Friendship Gardens

Bike Rack: You've been yarn bombed :)

Lily Pad! Friendship Gardens

Sidewalk quotes, one of my favorite parts of my walk!

Blooming Cactus. I've never seen one before. It really encouraged me to think that even something so thorny could bloom such a gorgeous flower. 

Let's stop and give each other a hug, we're doing so good!

Yes I DID walk up those steps and I didn't die!

Secret Italian Garden we discovered on our walk in a small river town

See now that wasn't so bad. Thanks for coming along my walk with me, now go get some water, drink up, and tomorrow get ready to go on an adventure in your own town...and don't be sorry. ;)

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  1. walking is what really did it for me. I hated the gym and would just give up, but I love being outside and watching what I eat and walking has led to me loosing 20 pounds. Plus its free which is a total win! Keep it up! You are lucky to live in an area with so much to see =) Makes it much more fun!

  2. Love this post! I don't go outside too too much (I too am allergic to most of nature. I end up with a runny nose after about five minutes!) but I really need to.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing how you are liking fitbook - we love to hear that :) what a seriously beautiful walking path you have!! Keep enjoying the great outdoors with all your great gear ;)



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