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Friday, July 12, 2013

Cricket Travel Products Review

Cricket Hair Tools {Review}

If you travel a lot or even just occasionally, there is always a discussion and debate with yourself about what you need to bring, what you have space for and what is truly a necessity and what is not. These three Cricket products: hair dryer, flat iron, and combs make the decision easy. These products come in travel size without sacrificing on style or efficiency. Check out my thoughts and the results I got below! 
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The lightweight and compact Cricket Friction Free Travel Dryer delivers 1600 Watts of power for faster drying time and healthy, damage-free hair. With versatile worldwide dual voltage for foreign destinations, you won't ever have to worry bout explaining any inconvenient power outages at your hotel. 

This travel sized blow dryer folds in to save even more space. I love the sleek design and easy travel features. This did a great job at blow drying my hair, it didn't take too long and I definitely thought my hair looked shinier than with other blow dryers. Having naturally curly hair, after blow drying, its usually a frizzy fluffy mess which is why I usually let air dry and then flat iron. This product actually helped with the next step and made it easier. I will definitely be using this even more in winter when I can't go out with wet hair. I travel a good amount so this is truly convenient.
Friction Free Mini Flat Iron ($39.99), Friction Free Travel Dryer ($36.99) and the  UltraClean Big Time Comb ($3.95) are available for purchase online at

At only 6" long the Cricket Friction Free Mini Flat Iron is the length of a pen - small enough to fit in your most compact carry-on luggage or beach bag. Its Tourmaline plates reduce friction and prevent hair damage, creating smooth, shiny hair that withstands the heat and humidity of summer.

 This really is tiny, but still does a great job. I noticed it doesn't get as hot as my normal straightener, but it still got the job done (see photos below). You do have to have some extra patience as it will take you a little longer because the plates are much smaller. If you have a ton of hair or really long hair, this may be a little more frustrating for you. I love it though and each and every time I pack to travel I have this inner discussion with myself as to whether I'm going to pack my flat iron or not and I usually don't pack it. This Cricket Mini Flat Iron is going to definitely change that!

In need of a quick touch up? Reach for the UltraClean Big Time Comb - its built-in antimicrobial protection prevents odor and stain-causing bacteria from growing. Each comb comes with a free travel size comb, for additional portability. I love the super cute design of these and I'm a huge fan of wide tooth combs for my hair type. I did think the ends of the comb felt a little rough on my scalp, but I'll still be packing the smaller one with me when I travel. 

Here are the results I got:
Other products used: 
John Frieda Full Repair Heat Protectant, Bead Head After Party, Moroccan Oil Glimmer Shine Spray

What do you think of my results? Have you ever used a Cricket product? What is your favorite styling tool? Comment and let me know! 
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