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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer Scents from L'Occitane

If you’re searching for the perfect summer scent, look no further than L’Occitane. The Provencal Eaux de Cologne Collection brings you floral, citrus and aromatic options with Ravissante, Universelle and Captivante. Women and men will enjoy these irresistible fragrances inspired by summer in Provence. This is 10 ounces of perfume for $52 which is an amazing price for such a huge bottle and a high end luxury brand.

About: Aromatic Provencal herbs meet zesty lime and bergamot in the enchanting Eau Captivante. Men and women will be captivated by this irresistible blend of sparkling green and woody aromas, which also contains the essential oils of Mediterranean mint and basil. Our generously sized bottle, modeled after the architecture of Provencal fountains, will provide long-lasting aromatic escape! For men or women.

My thoughts: If you're like me and are sensitive to scents you're going to love L'Occitane. My favorite scent has become L'Occitane's Jasmine & Bergamote. You can check out my review of that here. This scent also has bergomot in it and a nice light citrus scent with some deeper woody notes. I actually think this would be wearable for a man or a woman and with a 10oz bottle, you'll have plenty to go around between you and your significant other. This is a scent that is light and yet not too light that once you spray it you no longer smell it anymore. I was really excited to test out another fragrance from L'Occitane as I'm in love with the Jasmine & Bergomate and I'm not disappointed. This is such a lovely everyday wearable scent. I've also tested the others in-store and love them all! I was extremely impressed with their perfume and cologne selections. 
Capturing the universal freshness of citrus fruits, Eau Universelle will appeal to men and women alike. Formulated with the essential oils of Mediterranean bergamot and grapefruit, this eau de cologne is a real whirlwind of freshness, built on a harmony of invigorating sunny citruses. Our generously sized bottle, modeled after the architecture of Provencal fountains, will provide long-lasting refreshment! For men or women.
This irresistable eau de cologne inspires lighthearted spontaneity with a core of citrus blended with sweet fruits. Its formula includes Mediterranean bergamot essential oil and pomegranate extract. For women. Limited edition!
If you're a fragrance enthusiast or just sensitive to scents like me and are looking for a new brand to try, I highly recommend L'Occitane. Check out their website here:
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