InTruBeauty: Ouidad Texture Taffy for Summer Beach Waves

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ouidad Texture Taffy for Summer Beach Waves

This formula provides for touchable and effortless wavy hair, a coveted trend of the moment. While salt water taffy is a classic that sings summer, you can now bring beautiful waves into this season with Ouidad’s taffy. Only need a nickel sized amount of product.
  • Ideal for wavy or straight hair, that desires a sexy, tousled look
  • Marine Complex, high in vitamins and minerals, condition and add softness and shine
  • Giant kelp seaweed extract includes a high content of vitamins and minerals to nourish curls and add shine
  • Algae Extract acts as a moisturizer that leaves hair supple and shiny
  • Milk Thistle extract acts as a botanical extract rich in antioxidants to moisturize
Tips, Techniques & More Product Info: 

The Ouidad Wave Create™ Texture Taffy is available for $23, 3.4 fl oz at, Ouidad flagship and certified salons and ULTA locations.

I certainly see where they get the Taffy name from! This has a sticky creamy gel like consistency. I used just a small amount of product and rubbed between my hands which appeared as a sticky white covering on my hand. Not something you'd think you'd want to put in your hair?! All you have to do is apply to your hair all over and scrunch and gorgeous beachy waves are created. The BEST isn't sticky in your hair at all and actually leaves your hair really soft, managable and natural looking. This doesn't create a hardness to your tresses or an overly gelled or hairspray look/feel. There must be some magic in this taffy! It also smells like coconuts! YUM!

I have naturally curly hair but my hair was straightened today. I love using beach waves products on the 2nd or 3rd day of a blowout when your straight job isn't looking so perfect anymore. I absolutely love this product.  The only thing that is not to love is that it is a little messy. After using this the first time, the plastic top over the product (underneath the real cover) was all slippery and hard to get off. But I'm no stranger to mess when it comes to beauty products and a little mess is worth it to get perfect beachy waves in mere seconds!

Other good beach waves sprays I've tried and also recommend include:
TIGI Love Peace & the Planet Totally Beachin', UNITE Beach Day texturizing spray, LUSH Sea Salt Spray and Josie Maran Bohemian Waves Spray. 

What do you think of the results that I got? Have you ever tried Ouidad? What is your favorite product to create easy beachy waves in seconds? I've certainly found my new favorite!

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