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Friday, June 28, 2013

My Week in Health & Bloom Organics Review & Giveaway

Update in My Week In Health & Bloom Organics Review

This has been a week of mixed success and rough patches. I continue to make  much healthier food choices and I notice my body transforming. However, on the clean eating challenge I am on the goal is to eat clean 80% of the time, eat 1 all out cheat meal and eat two semi cheat meals (more convenient packaged foods). I would say I was at 50/50 this week. I still made healthier choices like vinaigrette dressing instead of ranch (my fave), sea salt "natural" chips and multi-grain chips with homemade hummus, etc.

I limited my portions and helpings when going out and catching up with friends this week. I had been working out nearly daily and really had kicked it up a notch with fast paced walks, aqua zumba, squats, strength training, and more! This week was a week to step back and take care of my physical health so I can get back to working out at the pace that I was. I've got another cupping appointment tomorrow and a vacation for the Fourth of July. I'm looking forward to being pain free and I'm so incredibly beyond ready to get back on that horse. Its only been 4 days of missed workouts and I'm seriously missing it.

Some products however that have been helping me out for the last couple weeks are Bloom Organics Allergy, Recovery & Sinus which were provided to me for review. Even better, I've got one full set of the five products shown above for one lucky US winner! Each retails for $26, total value $130!

Product Information: 
Allergy: Developed to combat all types of allergies. The organic wellness drops work in harmony with your body to get to the root of any allergy woes and gives you a break from the headaches, sniffles, and sneezes. Balances out your immune system, detoxifies the liver, and regenerates your adrenal glands.*

Sinus: Formulated to quickly reduce the swelling and inflammation of sinus tissues, normalize and soothe mucus membranes, and stop the overproduction of mucus. Use the Bloom Sinus Relief formula in conjunction with the Bloom Allergy Relief formula for optimal relief.*
Recovery: Contains the organic ingredients to relieve headaches, body aches, nausea, dehydration and general fatigue, while promoting mental/physical stimulation and healthy liver and adrenal function. *
                                                                                        *Not evaluated by FDA
Here are the instructions I followed:
The allergy and sinus can be taken together. The allergy formula works in harmony with the body, so you have to take it consistently, morning and night for about 1 1/2 weeks to see the full effects. Take 1 dropperful Allergy and 2 dropperful sinus in a little bit of water, tea, or juice, morning and night. Bloom Recovery can be taken by itself, depending on your activity level. It's a great daily supplement, and can be taken twice a day as well. 
My thoughts and results:

I've been taking the allergy and sinus together consistently 2-3 times per day for 10 days. I suffer from chronic allergy and sinusitis. There  have been many years where I've had multiple sinus, ear and respiratory infections and they are absolutely no fun. I'm also severely allergic to grass, trees and weeds among other allergens. My worst allergy season is fall although I have year round indoor and outdoor allergies which make bringing my Epi pen and breaking out in hives a not so uncommon occurrence, even after 8 years of allergy shots. I usually take 1 Zyrtec per day. Since I've been using the allergy and sinus products from Bloom Organic, I've reduced my allergy pills to 1/2 per day or some days I don't even need to take an allergy pill. I'm also not needing to use my steroid inhaler. I did get a steroid shot months ago for allergies and I think the symptoms of my allergies have been decreased because of that as well. I really look forward to continued use and benefits from these two products.

The product I saw the most immediate results from was Recovery. I've been taking this once per day or twice per day after a tough workout. I did some squats from Bob  Harper's Jumpstart to Skinny plan as well as some sit ups and workouts with a medicine ball. Usually this leaves me sore for three days. I was sore the night of, but after taking a dropper full of Recovery, I was fine in the morning. I also stuck to the same plan with the Recovery product after an hour of zumba which again would've left me sore for days and I has absolutely no pain the next day. I really felt better when taking it. One thing that is noteworthy about these products is they don't taste bad! I don't have to force down the water I take it with like I have with other liquid supplements. I really love these and I think you will too! For your chance to try these, be sure to enter in the rafflecopter widget below.

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  1. I would like to win "Recovery" for myself as I suffer from terrible headaches, anxiety and "fatty liver disease".

    I would also love the "Sinus" for my Husband who suffers from sinus problems which interrupt his (and my) sleeping.

    Rafflecopter name: Rosie Areola

  2. I want to win Recovery! I get so many terrible migraines and I love to find natural ways to treat them.

  3. I would like to win as I'm interested in trying the products - thank you for this giveaway!

  4. This product is very nice and natural. I would be suggested my friends try this product.



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