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Sunday, June 30, 2013

How to Eat Healthy Out

How is it possible to eat healthy and still go to restaurants without it derailing all your progress? What restaurants have healthier options? It's hard when we don't live in a bubble and most of us don't have personal chefs to cook for us. Keep reading to find out that it is possible to eat healthy in the real world while still enjoying a meal out at a restaurant. You can still eat out and enjoy a great meal without derailing your clean eating plan. On the clean eating plan I am on, the goal is to eat clean 80% of the time with 1 all out cheat meal and 2 semi-cheat meals with more of packaged foods, convenience, etc. For me now Subway has become one of those cheat meals whereas before I thought I was making a pretty good choice. Keep reading and I'll give you my tips and tricks to maintaining a clean eating plan while existing in the real world. :) All the pictures in this post are from eating out.

Tip #1: Watch out For Those Sides!
Order veggies, a salad or fruit as a side. Stay away from french fries or heavy cream dressings. Chances are one of your dinner companions will order fries and you can satisfy a craving by politely asking for a couple of their fries (or stealing a few when they're not looking). Now when I go to subway I always get a side of apples instead of chips. They aren't organic and apples have higher pesticide residue on them, but its still a better choice for me than chips or a cookie.

I turned my cheat meal into 1/2 of a cheat meal. I devoured the mixed grill but didn't even finish my burger! Now that's a first! The restaurtant also uses fresh never frozen pure ground beef.

Tip #2: Find local "fast food" restaurants where you can find better choices. 
I go to Subway but actually prefer this sandwich shop called That Salad Place. They have a menu which lists items that are under 500 calories and it includes the nutrition information on that menu. There are also local restaurants that pride themselves on using fresh, grass fed local beef, real cheese, etc. Find the restaurants that have a mission to support their local community and use fresh local produce and veggies. Stick to family or independent owned restaurants when possible. Another great resources is your local food cooperative. They are a quick and easy way to get a fresh healthy sandwich, salad or soup!  I go to a coffee shop that has almond milk as a choice. The more we as consumers demand these options, the more they will become available. 

Mixed veggie panini on wheat bread with mozzarella cheese.
For cheese I usually go with feta, goat or mozzarella

Tip #3: Take Advantage of Your Community's Resources
 Our local community's hospital has a program where foods that meet their standards and are under 500 calories can be labeled as such and often there are separate menus or pamphlets with the nutritional information per items. This makes counting calories a breeze when you can eat out and actually know what you're consuming. My local community also has a farmer's market challenge and other weight loss challenges. See if your health department has any similar programs to make eating out easier.

Tip #4: Don't Turn a Blind Eye
Sometimes when I'm not having such a healthy meal I don't even want to track it in My Fitness Pal, a free app I've used for months on my phones to track all the calories I'm eating. Sometimes I don't want to log it and go over my calories for the day, but I tell myself that I'm only cheating myself! If I go over my calories for that day, I just need to deal with it and eat less the next day or workout. You can use My Fitness Pal to look up the calories and nutrition information in you food as well. 

Great Article about eating/drinking at Starbucks and what to avoid: 

Tip #5: Eat Full Fat, Full Flavor
This seems the opposite of common sense when on a diet and trying to watch calories and fat intake. I'm loving clean eating because I feel like I'm constantly eating and I'm eating high calorie high fat foods such as avocado, peanut butter, almonds, cashews, dark chocolate, olive oil, eggs and more. When you eat full fat healthy foods, you are fuller longer. This limits my snacking and my unhealthy choices throughout the day. If you look at the ingredients in low fat or fat free products, they often add sodium or sugar. 

Tip #6: Plan Ahead
Pick a place to go ahead of time and look up their menu online. Or you can all the manager to ask about their nutrition information and where they buy their product from. I'm also a person who needs to eat when I need to eat and I feel like I'm going crazy when I'm hungry. This often leads to poor choices. I've instead started packing and planning ahead, including eating right before I'm going to meet someone for a meal. I'll pack some almonds, a kind granola bar or some fruit and eat it before meeting them. I haven't bought an appetizer since doing this! 

This is why Subway is now a "cheat" meal for me: 
Ingredients in 9-GRAIN WHEAT bread. 
Enriched wheat flour (wheat flour, malted barley flour, niacin, iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), water, yeast, whole wheat flour, sugar, contains 2% or less of the following: wheat gluten, oat fiber, soybean oil, wheat bran, salt, wheat, rye, yellow corn, oats, triticale, brown rice, barley, flaxseed, millet, sorghum, yeast nutrients (calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, ammonium sulfate), vitamin D2, dough conditioners (DATEM, sodium stearoyl lactylate, potassium iodate, ascorbic acid, azodicarbonamide), caramel color, refinery syrup, honey, yeast extract, natural flavor, enzymes. Contains wheat.
  • not whole wheat, but "enriched" wheat, better than bleached, not better than whole wheat
  • thiamine mononitrate = synthetic Vitamin B, may cause allergic reaction
  • carmel color = possible carcinogen
  • natural flavor = flavors made in a lab that mimic the flavors of real food, these leave you wanting more and actually make you more likely to eat more since your getting a fraction of a taste of the real thing
  • Pure raw sugar is clean and is preferred to aspartame and other fake sugars, but it's still important to limit it
  • Soybean oil = okay in small amounts, issues regarding the effects of soy on hormones have been more prominent lately. I try to avoid soy and soy products. May be an issue if you have peanut allergies.
  • ammonium sulfate = most often used in FERTILIZER 
  • yellow corn = likely genetic modified organism (GMO)
  • triticale = wheat/rye hybrid made in a lab, careful with gluten and wheat allergies! 
  • sulfites = preservative 
  • dough conditioners = perservatives and additives (azodicarbonamide = primarily used in production of PLASTICS, potassium iodate = salt )
Appetizing, right?

Tip #7: Use Actual Natural Flavors 
When ordering a salad, I ask for lemon and lime slices and I'm sure to order a salad with onions. I drizzle the lemon and lime over for a dressing and sometimes add olive oil, vinaigrette and black pepper. Push the salt shaker away and use healthy foods and spices for flavor. At Subway now that they have avocado for the summer I don't even need a dressing. Otherwise, I will ask for a tiny bit of olive oil, onions and black pepper. Your tastes will change and processed dressings and too much salt will actually start to be unappealing. And I LOVE salty fried foods...or did! 

Tip #8: Order Whole Wheat or Grains
Ask for brown rice, whole wheat or oat bread instead of white breads and grains. Order red potatoes instead of regular potatoes. These will keep you fuller and are heart healthy@ 
Drink some water & have some fish oil along with a salad! 

Tip #9: Switch out Your Drinks
Order water with lemon or unsweetened iced tea with lemon. I rely on lemon and honey a lot to add flavor to my drinks. I will admit it takes some time to get use to, but I'm getting more and more use to less sweet foods. I started out slow and limited myself to 1 tablespoon pure sugar, then I would add chocolate almond milk or honey instead. Now I can drink my coffee plain or with unsweetened almond milk. I can now also drink unsweetened iced tea which use to just be kind of gross. If you're not quite ready, ask for a 1/2 and 1/2 mixture or if you're going to add sugar be sure to use actual real sugar and not packets of death. Avoid alcoholic drinks. The plan I'm on, I'm allowed 2 per week which isn't a problem at all since I usually drink none. But I had a couple pina coladas this week with a friend and I didn't feel bad about it one bit!

Tip #10: Check Ingredient Lists for Chain Restaurants
Sometimes I'm craving a sub or something even worse. I do a google search and just looking at the sheer number of ingredients in the food, the amount of preservatives, "natural flavors" which are actually lab created, dyes, and other ickies turns my stomach. IN the article from food babe linked, above she writes that "the Reduced Fat Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake [at Starbucks] has over 75 ingredients"! When was the last time you, your mom or grandma went to bake a cake and said ooop I just need to add these SEVENTY FIVE ingredients!! C'mon people! Lets not put up with anymore. Knowledge is power! 

I'm still far from perfect and far from making 100% healthy clean eating choices, but these are the tips I use to keep myself on track. Again, have a realistic plan. Eating clean 80% of the time with three allowed cheat meals is a workable plan for me and the proof is in the pudding, I'm down 13 pounds in 2 months and ecstatic about it! 

What is your favorite place to eat out? How do you stay on track? Leave me a comment and let me know! Also don't forget to follow me on Instagram to see my food choices, recipes and weightloss updates first! @Intrubeauty 

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Friday, June 28, 2013

LUSH's Beach Box Gift Set {Spotlight}

Spotlight on LUSH's Beach Box Gift Set 

Limited Edition Beach Box Gift Set from LUSH! Perfect for anyone with a summer birthday, as a host/hostess gift, or buy it for yourself (or a friend!) before a long weekend at the beach! This box has all the ocean-inspired essentials you’ll need to get squeaky clean, smooth skin and sexy, wonderfully scented hair. This is a perfect gift for anyone in the summer, especially if you have some bridal showers to go to. This would be perfect to give to a bride to be for a summer beach wedding or for her honeymoon. Any woman is going to surely love this and it is really a great price at just under $30 for this set. Heck forget a gift, get one for yourself :)
Beach Box Gift ($29.95)
 Available in LUSH Stores and at starting June 28

Ocean Salt Face & Body Scrub – Washing with Ocean Salt is like taking your face on a trip to the seaside for an invigorating splash in the water. Fresh avocado and coconut hydrate thirsty skin, while the antibacterial effect of lime and vodka clears pores. 

This is absolute heaven. There is noticeable larger sea salt grains in the blue part of this product and a finer grain salt in the white part. I used more of the blue part on my legs, knees and elbows and the white on my skin, using a gentle circular exfoliating motion and a mixture of the two for stomach, arms, etc. This has a wonderful scent to it and was an absolute treat to use in the shower. One of my favorite LUSH products. 

Sea Spray – This sea salt, sea water and seaweed spritz holds hair in place, adds shine and gives body for a beach-beautiful look. A gorgeous orange flower, grapefruit, neroli and rosewood blend perfumes the spray. Use anytime to refresh or add texture. This has a nice floral fragrance to it which will leave your hair with soft waves and flexible hold. 

Seanik Solid Shampoo – Soften locks and add shine with this mineral-rich, sea salt volumizing shampoo. Made with the best ingredients from the sea; softening Irish moss seaweed, and Japanese nori seaweed. 

Dream Cream Lotion – This best-selling product contains every ingredient nature makes for soothing skin. A calming blend of oat milk, lavender and chamomile care for irritations, reduce redness, and banish blotches. Olive oil and cocoa butter are effective for dry skin. 

Sea Vegetable Soap – Sea Vegetable is made with skin softening seaweed with a crust of stimulating sea salt to give your body a good scrub down. This makes a really cool looking guest soap and I love having this out in my kitchen too.

What is your favorite LUSH product or which would you  most like to try? Comment and let me know. 

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My Week in Health & Bloom Organics Review & Giveaway

Update in My Week In Health & Bloom Organics Review

This has been a week of mixed success and rough patches. I continue to make  much healthier food choices and I notice my body transforming. However, on the clean eating challenge I am on the goal is to eat clean 80% of the time, eat 1 all out cheat meal and eat two semi cheat meals (more convenient packaged foods). I would say I was at 50/50 this week. I still made healthier choices like vinaigrette dressing instead of ranch (my fave), sea salt "natural" chips and multi-grain chips with homemade hummus, etc.

I limited my portions and helpings when going out and catching up with friends this week. I had been working out nearly daily and really had kicked it up a notch with fast paced walks, aqua zumba, squats, strength training, and more! This week was a week to step back and take care of my physical health so I can get back to working out at the pace that I was. I've got another cupping appointment tomorrow and a vacation for the Fourth of July. I'm looking forward to being pain free and I'm so incredibly beyond ready to get back on that horse. Its only been 4 days of missed workouts and I'm seriously missing it.

Some products however that have been helping me out for the last couple weeks are Bloom Organics Allergy, Recovery & Sinus which were provided to me for review. Even better, I've got one full set of the five products shown above for one lucky US winner! Each retails for $26, total value $130!

Product Information: 
Allergy: Developed to combat all types of allergies. The organic wellness drops work in harmony with your body to get to the root of any allergy woes and gives you a break from the headaches, sniffles, and sneezes. Balances out your immune system, detoxifies the liver, and regenerates your adrenal glands.*

Sinus: Formulated to quickly reduce the swelling and inflammation of sinus tissues, normalize and soothe mucus membranes, and stop the overproduction of mucus. Use the Bloom Sinus Relief formula in conjunction with the Bloom Allergy Relief formula for optimal relief.*
Recovery: Contains the organic ingredients to relieve headaches, body aches, nausea, dehydration and general fatigue, while promoting mental/physical stimulation and healthy liver and adrenal function. *
                                                                                        *Not evaluated by FDA
Here are the instructions I followed:
The allergy and sinus can be taken together. The allergy formula works in harmony with the body, so you have to take it consistently, morning and night for about 1 1/2 weeks to see the full effects. Take 1 dropperful Allergy and 2 dropperful sinus in a little bit of water, tea, or juice, morning and night. Bloom Recovery can be taken by itself, depending on your activity level. It's a great daily supplement, and can be taken twice a day as well. 
My thoughts and results:

I've been taking the allergy and sinus together consistently 2-3 times per day for 10 days. I suffer from chronic allergy and sinusitis. There  have been many years where I've had multiple sinus, ear and respiratory infections and they are absolutely no fun. I'm also severely allergic to grass, trees and weeds among other allergens. My worst allergy season is fall although I have year round indoor and outdoor allergies which make bringing my Epi pen and breaking out in hives a not so uncommon occurrence, even after 8 years of allergy shots. I usually take 1 Zyrtec per day. Since I've been using the allergy and sinus products from Bloom Organic, I've reduced my allergy pills to 1/2 per day or some days I don't even need to take an allergy pill. I'm also not needing to use my steroid inhaler. I did get a steroid shot months ago for allergies and I think the symptoms of my allergies have been decreased because of that as well. I really look forward to continued use and benefits from these two products.

The product I saw the most immediate results from was Recovery. I've been taking this once per day or twice per day after a tough workout. I did some squats from Bob  Harper's Jumpstart to Skinny plan as well as some sit ups and workouts with a medicine ball. Usually this leaves me sore for three days. I was sore the night of, but after taking a dropper full of Recovery, I was fine in the morning. I also stuck to the same plan with the Recovery product after an hour of zumba which again would've left me sore for days and I has absolutely no pain the next day. I really felt better when taking it. One thing that is noteworthy about these products is they don't taste bad! I don't have to force down the water I take it with like I have with other liquid supplements. I really love these and I think you will too! For your chance to try these, be sure to enter in the rafflecopter widget below.

                 Also check out My Adventures in Cupping and My Top 50 Tips to De-Stress!

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

How to De-Stress: My Top 50 Tips!

This week for my post about health, wellness and fitness, I decided to do a little something different. I've been thinking a lot about stress and what I do on a daily basis to make my life and the lives of those around me better. I decided to come up with a list of the top fifty things I do to deal with stress in my life. Many of them are natural remedies to stress and anxiety. Admittedly, it has been a rough week for that, which is a big reason I wanted to write this post. There is stress in my life that just isn't going to go away despite my positive actions to the contrary, so I need to focus on how to better deal with the stress and the negative consequences that it brings to my life. 
On the heels of a ridiculously tough work week, I'm looking forward to some extremely rare time off with friends and family. I'm focusing the strength I do have left on improving my daily overall well-being and thinking about how to improve the lives of those around me. Some days are tougher than others and tomorrow is always a new day. I hope this list helps someone out there going through a hard time or just looking for some additional ideas on how to brighten up their day and deal with stress better. Keep reading if you can since #50 is something I'm especially excited about. 
So without further ado, here are my top 50 tips to de-stress your day! 
  1. Take deep breaths
  2. Drink a cool glass of water
  3. Stretch
  4. Go for a walk
  5. Call a friend
  6. Write a snail mail letter or card to someone 
  7. Watch the sun go down
  8. Listen to music
  9. Get a massage
  10. Take a bath with oils, especially lavender or epson salts
  11. Put an ice pack at the base of your neck for 10-15 minutes, close your eyes and relax
  12. Go to a farmer's market
  13. Make a list of wants and needs, take care of 1 need and 1 want
  14. Create a budget 
  15. Go for a drive with the windows open and your hair down
  16. Wear a bright item of clothing
  17. Put on red lipstick
  18. Wear no makeup and let your smile be your "makeup" for that day
  19. Paint your nails
  20. Call your parents and tell them your troubles, take a step back into child role 
  21. Read a book or magazine
  22. Tell someone you love them 
  23. Finger paint 
  24. Put a bow in your hair. A big bright obnoxious bow.
  25. Write down your top 5 stresses in your life on that day, pick one and do something about it, anything!
  26. Clean out your freezer. (Seriously, there's something therapeutic about this!)
  27. Hit or kick something (like a punching bag, not person or other's property) 
  28. Yell or scream, especially at the top of a mountain or bluff
  29. Do one thing on your bucket list
  30. Switch phone or cable providers. Saving any bit of money towards monthly expenses will make you feel accomplished
  31. Pay a small bill off
  32. Dye your hair or get a haircut 
  33. Have lunch with a friend
  34. Don't say one negative word for an entire day. Don't say no, don't say can't, don't say don't!
  35. Go grocery shopping and buy only fresh fruit and produce
  36. Eat that fresh fruit produce 
  37. Go into your actual bank/restaurant/store, don't just go to the drive through. Sometimes this is the only time I see a smile and get a "thank you" or a "have a nice day!" for an entire day. It's nice to return the favor too.
  38. Dance
  39. Walk around naked
  40. Get some lovin' (logically follows #39)
  41. Do your hair the night before for work. You'll wake up with one less thing to do. 
  42. Pray or meditate 
  43. Write someone a thank you note
  44. Get acupuncture (community acupuncture can be affordable)
  45. Smile as big as you can
    1. Read my article on laughter here and make me smile :)
  46. Make lemon mint tea. Heat up water, add a lemon slice and a tablespoon of honey with 2 mint leaves. 
  47. Declutter and throw away 27 items
  48. Watch a funny movie or tv show (I love Arrested Development and The Big Bang Theory for immediate laughs and mood alteration). 
  49. Think of five things you like about yourself. Yes, my mom would make me do this whenever I would say something negative about myself. 
  50. Make a promise and do it because you said you would. Visit the website Because I Said I Would, linked below & request or print out "promise cards" and follow up on your promises! I'm going to start using these with clients at work. I had a client today make me a promise I'm 5% certain he will keep. I'm eagerly awaiting my cards so I can start handing them out. I promised I would share this website and I am :)
I dyed my hair medium chestnut brown...because I said I would and it makes me happy!
My makeshift card while awaiting mine in the mail!

What is your favorite tip to de-stress?  How do you like to relax? Comment and let me know! 
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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wedding Season Essentials

Wedding Season Essentials for all
Wedding Essentials
Post contains some press samples. All opinions are honest and they are my own.
Nila Anthony Clutch from Little Black Bag

Find here:
Who needs a date to hold on to all night long when you can clutch onto this peach lace clutch by Nila Anthony! Sleek, sexy and sassy yet the perfect size for essentials such as your lipstick and cell phone, Nila Anthony's clutch is the perfect for a great night out on the town! Nila Anthony is the best accessory to go with any glam outfit!

WEI To Go Glowing Moment Revitalizing Face Pads ($20)

"Dryness, dullness and redness… No problem! Never leave home without having your best face forward with WEI To Go Glowing Moment Revitalizing Face Pads. Just one application of 10 minutes will miraculously awaken and refresh skin, making these pads the perfect pick-me up wherever you go!"

These will seriously make anyone happy, especially around the time before a wedding. Even if you're having a bad day, putting this premoistend mask on your face and enjoying the cool tingling for ten minutes will make you feel like a new woman. After using this your skin actually looks brighter and feels amazing! Right after I use these, I use the WEI Beauty Tibetan Chrysanthemum Correcting Eye Treatment Pads which I've blogged about previously here. These are an absolutely perfect gift to give the bride to be at her shower or a perfect gift for a bride to give to her bridesmaids! Love is the word!

Aerin Beach Cream

For outdoor or beach weddings, take extra care of your skin and hair with a richly conditioning, subtly shimmering formula that is perfect to use when skin and hair are dry from the sun, wind and surf. Skin looks radiantly healthy, touched with a bronze glow while the sun’s warming rays activate a deep conditioning treatment for hair. Plus, AERIN’s floral infusion imparts a luxurious floral scent to promote relaxation which we all need during some stressful wedding moments.

Beauty Blender Black Air.port Mesh Travel Pouch ($24.95)

"For out of town weddings, the small and stylish beautyblender black air.port mesh travel pouch is designed to achieve picture-perfect makeup application on the go in the most hygienic, compact way. Perfectly sized to house two beautyblenders or your beautyblender and solid cleanser, this makes touchups and flawless wedding makeup effortless and convenient."

I love my beautyblender to apply my foundation for an even flawless look and this air.port travel pouch makes it easier to find and use when traveling, especially for summer when wedding makeup and preparation time can get hectic!

Bright Lipstick Color that Stays! 
Like Bite Beauty's Lush Fruit Lip Gloss in Garnet
Garnet: Vibrant Coral Pink

"A highly pigmented lip gloss featuring healthy fruit ingredients that are delicious enough to eat. Like instant nutrition for lips, BITE’s Lush Fruit Lip Gloss contains the same healthy ingredients you’d find in a pure fruit smoothie: real coconut, mango, and strawberry infused with seven nourishing fruit oils. Rich, vibrant, and juicy, this modern formula is highly pigmented. What you see in the container is exactly the color you’ll see on your lips. No Parabens, sulfates or phthalates. Retails $22."

This new line has some seriously gorgeous colors which smell and taste fruit obviously! This color has really great staying power which for me is around 3 hours which afterwards leaves a subtle even stain which still looks great. Especially if you are in a wedding or you are the bride, I'd seriously consider picking one of these up. My other fave lippies for summer which are lightweight and long lasting are Laura Geller's Lip Pops and Make Up For Ever's Aqua Rogue.

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray 
For hot sticky summer weddings, mist on this weightless spray to give your makeup serious staying power. This product alone has made my makeup stay in 100 degree weather, while swimming and in a hot tub. This is an absolute essential for hot weather weddings if you don't want your makeup running down your face. This also comes in a travel size!

LCN Nail Polish Cubes
Yes, I Do Wedding Polish Trend Set

"Exciting, romantic, sensitive - the joining of two people in the circle of their loved ones awakens very special emotions and creates memories to last a lifetime. From every girl's perfect all-in-white dream, to a quick wedding in Las Vegas, to a wedding party lasting several days in India - weddings are in high season at the moment! Contains four 8 ml Nail Polish in the Wedding Trend Colours (light mauve -525, lilac -148, forever in love -518, forget me knot -262.)." This is the perfect set to get as a gift for your bridesmaids, especially if you don't want to have to dictate a nail color, they could chose from any of the four from this set and still coordinate and look fantastic! I'm in love with all 8 from the sets below.
First four colors on left are from LCN's Blossom Sorbet Collection, Next four colors are from the Wedding Collection

Mama Mio Skin Tight ($56): 
With unique facial peel technology, Skin Tight’s retexturizing serum is multi-purpose. Breasts, stomach, backs of arms, tops of legs and knees can all benefit! Engaged women around the world are upping the ante on their beauty regimen, making sure they look near perfection for their special day. Mama Mio can help you glow from your head to your toes with their skincare and body-care selection.

And don't forget your date....George Clooney!
And of course if the man on your arm isn't George Clooney, you'll want him to look like him for this special event. He will at least have a chance at looking this suave and dapper with the following instructions and some products from GO 24•7

How to get this look: In the palm of your hands, rub GO 24•7 Styling Cream that thickens and gives slight volume to hair. At the temple of your head, part hair on the right side. Spay with a small amount of hairspray, like the GO 24•7 Control Spray. Next, use a blow dryer with a diffuser attached to completely set the style. Finish by using your fingers to separate hair and give it a more relaxed look.

Comment and let me know if you're getting married this summer, are in a wedding or just really looking forward to attending. My brother just got married this past fall and is expecting a baby girl soon! :)

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