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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mother's Days Gifts {Jasmine}

Mothers Day

Thymes Temple Tree triple milled Jasmine soap

Handcrafted to captivate while luxuriously cleansing to nurture your skin. This triple-milled bar soap releases a creamy, moisturizing lather fragranced with floral wisps of exotic blossoms, steeped in silky coconut milk. Soothing Madonna lily extract and velvety monoi butter indulge the skin with nourishing moisture. Makes an inspired gift or guest amenity

Fragrance Notes:
Temple Tree blossomsjasmine sambachoneysuckleylang ylang,damask rose and coconut milk. Retails $13

My thoughts: 
This is such a lovely item, both in appearance and in scent. I just love the intricate detail that goes into the  etchings on the soap. It really makes it feel luxuriousness and like a real special item. It would be perfect to put in your guest bathroom or to give as a gift for mother's day! I love the smell of Jasmine and the floral nature of this soap isn't overwhelming. Its very soft and delicate while leaving quite the impression.

Soap & Paper Factor Jasmine Hand Lotion

Did you know that Jasmine flowers release their fragrance only at night, under the waxing moon? Oh, the glory of nature! Jasmine is totally intoxicating and seductive. In fact, it was said that Cleopatra wooed Antony with Jasmine oil...We say drench yourself in the cream and get wooing! Our pure, velvety hand cream is beautifully perfumed and loaded with the finest oils available in nature. Carefully selected, these oils will sooth and protect, leaving your skin silky smooth and bursting with vitality. Free of paraben, phthalate, and petroleum. Not tested on animals.

My thoughts:
This scent is a little stronger than I may normally use, but for hand lotion it works great. I would say its in the medium range for strength of scent, but it does fade and wasn't too irritating to me at all, probably because it is free of certain chemicals. It is creamy and has a nice thicker texture and has really helped with my dry cuticles and nail health. 

L'Occitane Jasmin & Bergamote Fragrance Line 

Bergamote discreetly brightens the scent and continues to retain a lingering presence while Jasmine reveals all its facets. The balance fluctuates between petals and leaves, freshness and sensuality.

My thoughts:
This has become one of my favorite all time scents. I'm absolutely in love with it.To me, this smells exactly as a kitchen in spring with flowers on the table and a soft breeze wafting through the windows should smell. I love that the spray comes out in more than a mist which allows for the fragrance to be more spread around. This isn't the strongest scent around which is why I love it. Its definitely noticeable after application and if you for example smell your wrists throughout the day, but its not going to be a scent that follows you everywhere you go. I love, love, love this! I think this may be my new signature scent. I even spray it before bed just because I love it so much!

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