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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mally Beauty's Tricks for Summer

Mally Beauty's Pro-Tricks Eye Palette
About: When Mally traveled the world with her A-list clients, she needed every shade imaginable at her fingertips. Short on space and long on demands from photographers and directors, Mally became a master of mixing colors, lightening and deepening shades as needed using special pigments.You can use these 12 gorgeous shades to create any custom look you want. These colors can be as intense or as light as you would like simply by using the unique shade modifiers – the light shade modifier turns any shade lighter, and the deep shade modifier makes any shade deeper.

How to use:
First, apply the shadow base which will allow any color you use to be completely bullet proof. Then, apply the shadow of your choice. Use these shades all over the lid, in the crease, and even along the lower lash line for a smoldering look. Easily lighten or deepen with the shade modifiers right on top of the shadow.      
 Top to Bottom: Cappuccino, Brownstone, Mally's Glow
Top to Bottom: Girl Power, Pop Art Blue, Wicked Plum
Sparkling Taupe, Evergreen, Dark Chocolate
Shadow Base, Light Shade Modifier, Deep Shade Modifier 
Cream shadows have a convenient plastic cover over them so they don't dry out! 

Here are some examples of how you can change the shade by applying the shade over the modifiers and how the cream base enhances the appearance of the shadow. This really increases the value of the palette when it includes a base and two modifiers, essentially giving you four different ways to wear just one shadow!

My overall thoughts:
  • The first thing I noticed was just how creamy and pigmented these shadows were, even the matte shadows. This provides a really selection of shimmery shades with a couple of matte selections. The light shade modifier also has some shimmer to it as well. I love shimmery shades and using mattes for crease shades, but if you're more of a matte person you may wish there were some more matte options or that the light shade modifier was matte.
  • I have this cream base in another palette and I absolutely love it. I use it even when not topping with a Mally Shadow. You can even use it alone just to even out the color of your lid and touch up any imperfections if it matches your skin-tone. You can visually see in the pictures too that the base really does increase the appearance of the shades. 
  • I love the versatility of this palette and that each shadow can essentially become 4 different ones. $50 may be a lot for some women to spend, but because this can satisfy so many needs and could be the only thing you pack for the weekend, it's totally worth it! 
  • The color selection is really great. Personally all these colors will work really well on me, but I think her incorporation of a lot of neutrals makes this really work-able for a lot of women. 
  • This comes with a super sturdy green metal handled brush. I wish there was a way to clip it in or store it with the palette for easier travel. But I love it for applying these shadows which are super easy to pick up with the brush. I had some fall out, but not much. 
Pro Tricks Correct and Conceal Palette, $40

Mally calls her signature contouring essentials her “war paint” for a reason: She uses it when it’s time to do battle against shadows, unevenness, and any other fierce enemies. This expert-level palette combines Mally’s ingenious formulas and pro tips to arm you with three creamy, blendable shades and the pro know how to blend and apply them.

How to Use:
 To highlight and contour your fave features, use a sponge, a brush, or your fingers to apply the lightest shade everywhere you want to make something stand out—cheekbones, the center of the nose, on either sides of the nose, on the brow bones, on either side of the mouth, or in the center of the chin. Next, take the darkest shade and apply it in the hollows of the cheeks, along the hairline, in the temples, and along the jawline. Softly blend any hard edges with your fingers. Use the middle shade for your concealer underneath your eyes and on any blemishes. Finish by applying your foundation on top as you normally would, taking care to blend any remaining lines.Works great for dark under-eye circles, acne scar, rosacea or acne.

My overall thoughts:
This provides three color selections which you are also able to easily blend together to get the perfect color. When I blend the two lightest shades, they become the perfect color for my skintone right now. As it gets closer to summer, I will probably be able to use the middle shade alone. This has a light creamy texture. This doesn't appear cakey, but also isn't the thickest of concealers like Tarte's or Benefit's Erase Paste. If you've got some serious blemishes or imperfections to cover, I personally prefer a thicker more full coverage concealer.

In honor of Mother’s Day, Mally Roncal, Celebrity Makeup Artist and President / Founder of Mally Beauty is asking her fans and followers to join her in supporting two organizations that are close to her heart – Family Lives on Foundation and Mommy’s Light.

On Thursday, May 16th, Mally will post a photo (below) signing a heart. For every “like” on the image, Mally Beauty will make a donation to Mommy’s Light, a part of the Family Lives on Foundation (1 like = $1 donation) up to $10,000 total!

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