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Friday, April 19, 2013

eSalon Review Customized Hair Dye

Do you go to the hair salon often to get your hair dyed because you don't trust yourself with a diy hair job? Do you want a great hair style but also want to save money? has created a product which I consider to be the middle ground between going to the hair salon and buying hair dye from a box. I have medium to long hair that is naturally curly and either salon dyed or dyed from a box (I alternate). Keep reading for my diy hair results and see how you can possibly save money with esalon.

  • eSalon was inspired by the idea that beautiful, quality hair color can be accessible without the uncertainties of retail products and the excessive expense of salons.
  • We take into account natural hair color, amount of gray hair, previous color applications, hairtexture and condition, desired color, and other variables, so you get custom formulated hair color that you could never get off the shelf. There are literally thousands of color possibilities available, and eSalon can provide the best match with a hair color formula and Personalized Instructions customized for each individual client.
  • The patent-pending technology enables individual customization on a large scale. Our hair colors are not pre-stocked. Every order is custom blended, bottled and packaged, then sent to the client as soon as it's completed.

The color purchased is a dark chocolate brown and it comes with all the tools and ingredients that you need, including a brush two sets of gloves and two mixtures.

First I started by mixing the two bottles on the far left together. I sectioned my hair into four different sections and clipped them up with alligator clips. I used the package which was included to avoid stains around the hairline. It is a petroleum gel type product which you may be familiar with if you go to the salon. Petroleum jelly would probably work fine as well. I then clipped one section down at a time and used my fingers and the included brush to apply the first mixture to just my root area. I then left this on for 10 minutes. 
Before & After
(see how I got my before blonde highlights diy here)

I then mixed the second bottle of color and waited 15 minutes before applying it to the rest of my hair which was still clipped up into four sections. Most box dyes come with just one dye you will mix so I got confused if the first mixture was just for roots and the second was just for the rest, which it was. And yes, I was sitting in my bathroom with brown dye all over watching youtube videos on how to do this, trying not to ruin my phone :) I kind of made a mess! I would suggest old clothes which are already stained or ruined (possibly from other dye experiences) and an old rug or carpet underneath and some old or stained towels. I have plenty of that stuff. 

Photo Credit: list of most popular colors

I found the directions kind of confusing. For instance one direction instructed me to apply the dye from the bottle I mixed in Step 3, however, I mixed two bottles in Step 3. But I think I got it right! If you're not use to dying your own hair, you may want to watch the videos first on youtube from esalon (probably not during the application as I did) and have a more experienced friend help you out. Any dye that did get on my skin was easy to remove. The package came with a stain lifter, but I didn't have to use that. It also came with a conditioner. 

Besides having to mix two different bottles, one for the roots and one for the rest of my hair I also found the next part odd. After letting the dye sit on my entire head for the instructed amount of time, the instructions tell you to take the remainder of the 2nd bottle of dye and mix water in equal parts to the dye and basically use that 1/2 dye, 1/2 water solution to wash your hair with, bringing it to a creamy suds. I've never done this when dying my hair. It also suggested to do this in the shower. I didn't know if this meant that you can actually completely get in the shower to wash with the 1/2 dye, 1/2 water mixture or not. Since I didn't want brown dye all over my body, I just knelt over the tub (awkwardly) and washed the mixture in with just my head in the tub. Then you are to rinse it out until the water runs clear and then use the conditioner. 
Left: With Flash, indoors. Right: Natural Sun, outdoors.

The main difference I noticed with this and regular box dye is just how rich the color is. Another awesome thing is that although my ends were bleached blond(er) from my last dye experience (see L'oreal Wild Ombre post), the color for the most part is even throughout. If you use dark box dye, it normally is hard to lift later and may leave the bottom layers or parts that had been previously bleached darker than the rest of your hair. I didn't have that issue. This retails for $19.95.

Overall, I'm VERY happy with my results. I don't think this is for the inexperienced or shy as it was probably the messiest dye kit I've ever used and came with some more detailed and complicated instructions. If you're more experienced, I find it to be an amazing alternative between cheap box dye and an expensive salon dye. 

What are your thoughts of the results I got? Would you ever try a customized diy dye like esalon?

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  1. It did turn out great, makes me wanna try it. I keep my hair dyed & it's time to do it again, 32 yrs old & I keep finding grey hairs- agh! Wonder how good it is for covering up the grey?

  2. Thank you! I can't attest to that, but I did research and read other reviews and looked at other results and it looks like it really is great at covering up grey!

  3. glad I let you test it for me....too confusing lol but gorgeous!

  4. Thanks for your review! My friend just told me about esalon and I'm really excited to try it. Your hair looks great!

  5. Thanks for the review. The 1/2 water, 1/2 dye mix for the roots is so that the color comes out even. Roots and ends will take dye differently when your hair has been previously dyed, with the more porous ends "grabbing" more color than the roots.

    1. Sorry, meant to type: The 1/2 water, 1/2 dye mix for the ENDS, not roots...

  6. This was my first time using dye and I must say, I love it. O It was so easy and the color brown was perfect.

  7. Tried the dyes and I was impressed because it completely covered my gray hair! I recommended it to my sister.

  8. What are the patent pending technology ingredients? Seems to dance around that..Patent pending technology? Well what kind of technology is it

  9. Had an awful experience. Their "golden blonde" turned my hair green.

  10. I don't love this company or the quality of the hair color. I described in clear detail what I had and what I wanted. The first shipment was altogether wrong so they said don't use it. I waited for the next, supposed correct, shipment. I called again and told them there wasn't enough dye, my hair reaches my shoulder blades and is thick. They knew all of this up front. They sent me a third shipment. I used it. It seemed OK except for one problem, this is permanent dye and it continually rinses out purple water, so I have to use a dark towel to dry my hair each time. The color I order is called "Black Pearl" a black with purple undertones. I just dyed it a second time and am noticing that my roots look lavender-ish while the rest of my hair is washed out black. Needless to say, I've cancelled my subscription. I would rather pay my hairdresser $80.00 and look good. I can do better than eSalon with store bought dye anyway.



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