InTruBeauty: How to Organize your Makeup with Ediva Clear Organizers

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How to Organize your Makeup with Ediva Clear Organizers

Ediva Clear Acrylic Makeup Organizer
Review of Princess Organizer, Plus Giveaway to Start on 4/15/13
Ediva has two clear makeup organizers known as either the Duchess or the Princess. I received the Princess for review and I will have one of those for a giveaway as well! The eDiva™ Duchess contains 5 doors with 1,200 cubic inches of space. The spacious eDiva™ Princess contains 6 drawers (including a 4-inch bottom drawer perfect for holding your nail polish collection) with 2,304 cubic inches of space! The Duchess retails for $198 which you can pay in 3 payment of $66 and the Princess retails for $297 which you can make in 3 payments of $99. Shipping is free. This really makes it more affordable to be able to pay monthly towards this amazing organizer. Their website actually is a great source of product information and includes videos and detailed comparisons and product details.
This arrived in a huge box with a box inside it. The packaging was really well done and the organizer is already assembled. Easy peasy! I could definitely tell they took the time to package this so no damage would occur to the product.
I've been going crazy lately with just having too much makeup, not being able to find anything in my storage bins which leads to products being forgotten about and just an overall lack of organization. When you acquire beauty products which obviously cost you money, you want to be able to see them and use them! I love that this allows me to see all of the things that I have as I know I will get more use out of them. I hope they come out with an even larger model or complimentary products to use in conjunction. 
Deep 6th drawer

Even fits some of my smaller perfumes!

Clear on all sides for easy viewing



 Primers & Foundation

Mascaras & Eyeliners, divided up using the plastic dividers that come with for additional organization!

And DONE!!
My final thoughts:
  • I'm absolutely in love with this!
  • I love seeing my collection on display each time I go into the bathroom. It looks really sleek and sophisticated and allows me to show off my collection. 
  • This actually didn't fit as much as my last storage container because the drawers weren't as deep, so I had to pick and chose my favorite products to showcase in this. You can stack and double up products, but I wanted to keep it a little more streamlined and be able to see all my products.
  • I've rediscovered a lot of makeup I was neglecting that I'm now actually able to see!! I've got a couple quad Lancome eyeshadow palettes that for some reason I neglected that I've been reaching for frequently now.
  • It took me about a week to organize this because I wanted it to look absolutely perfect but I had a fun time figuring out how I wanted things showcased. 
  • Drawers slide in and out easily
  • Comes assembled
  • Sturdy clear plastic 
  • $297 would be a little steep for me to pay for an organizer, but you can actually pay in monthly payments which makes this more affordable and reasonable for more women. I think the size of the Princess is probably adequate for the majority of women. For me, I would need a floor to ceiling model to fit all my stuff! 

 What are your thoughts on this? The best part is I have one of these to giveaway to one lucky reader! The giveaway will start on 4/15 and run through 4/25, so be sure to check back to get your entries in!
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  1. Oh my gosh, this looks SO handy! It is exactly what every makeup junkie needs - myself included!

  2. I think it looks amazing, but I too would think $297 is pretty steap! But I would love to win one! :)

  3. THIS IS AMAZING! Exactly what I need! How do I enter the giveaway? It is not showing up under 'Current Giveaway' tab.

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