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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Brand Feature {Flower Beauty}

Flower Beauty is a brand that has gotten a lot of buzz lately, despite them not doing any paid advertising. This is the new brain child of Drew Barrymore and is sold exclusively in Walmart stores. The website doesn't have that extensive of information (, but I have read from other blogs that there are a lot of parabens in the products. I haven't had a chance to look at the ingredients on the products I purchased though. The concept is high end, high quality cosmetics at a drugstore price.So does this brand deliver? 

I thought I would be tempted by more products once I saw the display but the packaging and cardboard backing reminds me of the elf $1 line actually and  I thought the price range for drugstore was moderate to higher.
Mum's the Word (pink), Orchid-ing Around (greyish purple)
**I will put the photos of the entire display and products at the end of this post.* The only products I've tested were these two cream shadows. I had seen reviews of other cream shadows on blogs and thought they were gorgeous colors and were getting great reviews. In reality, I think these were just okay. The color is gorgeous swatched but isn't as vibrant once on the lid and the color fades throughout the day. These blend together fairly well. I've been mainly wearing the pink on the lid with the purple on the outer V area. These do crease on me after 2-3 hours and there is fading. 

The packaging is pretty with the rose gold plate on it, however, the packaging is bulkier than needed. This also may give the consumer the impression that there is more product in these than other smaller competitors. However, despite the size, the product amount was on par or even less than its drugstore counterparts. 

When blended in
Size/Price Comparisons
Flower Beauty, .12oz ($8), L'oreal Infallible ($6) .12oz, Maybelline Color Tattoo .14 oz ($6).

Can you tell I love cream shadows? Left to right Flower Beauty, L'oreal Infallible, Mabyelline Color Tattoo, Estee Lauder, Make Up For Ever, Benefit, Flower Beauty 

If you're looking for a drugstore cream eyeshadow, I highly recommend Maybelline Color Tattoo. I've reviewed these before here, and absolutely love them. There are a couple of duds like the purple and more recent glittery gold release. For the most part though, the color tattoos are an amazing line. Plus, there is more product and they are cheaper than the Flower Beauty cream shadows! L'oreal Infallibles aren't a true cream consistency, but they would be my runner up suggestion. They contain the same amount of product, are less bulky, have high pigmentation, don't crease and are cheaper. Read my reviews here and here.

I may give this brand another try after I look up other reviews and see if there are any products getting rave reviews. I watched emilynoel83/ Beauty Broadcast's video review and I wasn't that impressed based on her opinion either and I do trust her. There are of course reasons to purchase this line such as cute packaging for an affordable price, no animal testing, and affordability and easy accessibility.  All the pictures of the display and products are below. Please comment below if you have tried this brand and let me know your thoughts! I would love to hear them! Thanks for reading. -Jessica


  1. I really love the flower line :) Im loving the cream shades, lipsticks and the blush/bronzer duos !! Great reviews

  2. I'm still gathering thoughts on the cream shadows because I'm not blown away but I reviewed a blush/bronzer & it was lovely & super pigmented! I urge you to check that out.

  3. I do love the swatches of the cream shadows, but they sound like a bit of a letdown. I've heard really mixed things about this collection. I'd absolutely love to try some of the products for myself, but it isn't in Canada at this point.

  4. nice post hon , luv Maybelline color tattoo!



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