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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Valentine's Day with TOCCA fragrances!

Indulge yourself this Valentine's day with some gifts from TOCCA. I had the chance to try the 4 piece delicate laundry set and a bottle of their gorgeous perfume in Violette. Both of these are perfect to ask for as a gift or to indulge yourself in. I know you're not thinking laundry and Valentine's day really go hand in hand, but these are really an extra treat to make that special day even more special. Read on for my thoughts!

TOCCA’s Delicato da Viaggio
Packaging inside says "Love yourself!" I love the special thought this brand put into their products.
About:  Add an unexpected hint of romance with fragrant sheets! Available in Touch, Cleopatra, Stella and Florence scents, TOCCA’s Delicato da Viaggio contains 4 (2 oz.) bottles of the brands cult laundry delicate wash to fit any mood this Valentine’s Day. ($22;
Fragrances include:
  • Touch: Gardenia, Pomegranate. TOCCA's signature scent-a fruity floral accord with notes of gardenia, pomegranate and Egyptian balsam
  • Cleopatra: Grapefruit, Cucumber. Ingredients often used in Cleopatra's beauty rituals, the cucumber and grapefruit leave a light, clean, invigorating scent. 
  • Stella: Italian Blood Orange. Captures the refreshing and uplifting spirit of Italian blood orange with its slightly sweet, fresh scent. 
  • Florence: English Rose, Iris Root. Essence of the old European garden rose known as Centifolias for its 100 petals. Combined with iris root, this scent conjures memories of old world Paris. 
My thoughts:
I really liked all of the scents. I prefer lighter fruity scents so my two faves were #1 Stella and #2 Cleopatra. I do have some sensitivities to scents and these fragrances are highly concentrated, however, you only use 6-7 cap-fulls per load of gentle wash, which highly dilutes the scent. I had slight sensitivity right after washing since I washed all my bedding and pillow cases, but it was nothing major at all and my entire room smelled just lovely. Even with using only 7 cap-fulls  my laundry still got clean as well. I would highly recommend using the Cleopatra to wash your bedding before Valentine's day as a nice romantic surprise. This actually did motivate me to do laundry and you normally don't equate laundry and romance, but it would be a nice special touch for Valentine's day. Just don't get tooo pissed if your hubby or significant other doesn't notice :)

TOCCA’s Eau de Parfum Violette
About: Choose a romantic floral scent like TOCCA’s Eau de Parfum Violette! This sweet yet sultry scent awakens the feeling of Springtime in Paris and the youthful spirit of first love. ($68 at, Anthropologie, Sephora,,,,
 Top notes: Italian Bergamot, Ginger Oil, Coriander Seed Oil
   Middle Notes: African Violet, Bulgarian Rose, Black Currants
                    Bottom Notes: Creamy Cedarwood, Cashmere Mush, Touch of Benzoin
My thoughts:
This bottle is the REAL deal. It just screams elegance and romanticism. It would be the perfect scent to spray on for your love on Valentine's day or to ask for as a gift, or really just for any special occassion. This bottle shows that Tocca really cares about its products and its customers with the attention to detail they pay. this is a glass bottle that is quite heavy. One spray of the perfume is more than enough to last me. I love the sweet romantic feminine scent of Violette. This has definitely earned a space on my bathroom counter.

I will be posting more product ideas for Valentine's day, but at least we've got our scents covered now! Happy Valentine's Day! <3 

Yours In Trubeauty,


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