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Monday, February 25, 2013

L'Oreal Paris Wild Ombre

L'Oreal Wild Ombre Review
Although now all I keep hearing is that Ombre is out, but I was still super excited when I first heard about the new Loreal Wild Ombre dye kit.  I looked up many many blog reviews before purchasing and was glad to see that everyone loved it! I knew I had to try it. In theory I want the dramatic bold look as shown below, but in reality I knew I had to stick to a more subtle look. I really was looking for a more highlighted look with lighter ends in the front. This is truly an easy to use customizable versatile product. I actually added dye, shampooed and dried three times, each time tinkering with my results until I was completely satisfied. 
My color is 060 which is for medium to dark hair.
Here is what comes in the box
I followed the instructions for the subtle look. The only issue I had was adding the powder packet into the applicator bottle. I didn't get all the powder into the container and it was a little messy. The brush that comes with was SO easy to use. I left the bottom 1/2 section of my hair down and clipped up the rest. I took alternating sections, about 1/2 inch to an inch apart an added dye from around the ear down. This picture below shows how my bottom half ended up looking once dry and curly.
I then let down the top section which was clipped up. I took strands in the very front and started from the root down with the dye. I wanted a more subtle gradual highlight look to make my dark roots just more manageable and brighten up my color. I then just added alternating strands of color, mainly from the top of the ear down. I had an ooops which I will show you how to fix below.

My after results on both straight and curly hair:

*This before picture was taken very soon after I had last dyed my hair so in the last couple weeks, my color had lightened up some and the highlights I had dyed over came peeking through more. So it wasn't as dramatic of a change as it may look. My hair was more of a medium brown I would say, but this was the most recent picture I had to compare. 

If you have curly hair like me, you're going to want to straighten. I let my hair dry curly and was like, this looks FANTASTIC.....then I straightened it and had an "eeeekkkk!" moment when I saw this portion of my hair. Its always good to take pictures to see what you may  not otherwise notice. It didn't take much to fix, just a deep breath and some more dye. I took the area where you see the dramatic line in my hair which I don't like! I then too three separate alternating sections from this bigger section.  I applied more dye to the brush and brought some color up closer to the roots so that it blended much better. I let it sit for around 5-7 minutes and then I rinsed it out again. I only rinsed out the part where I re-added dye, so I didn't have to start all over. It came out much better. Trial and error is completely fine as long as you take the time to get it right. 

I'm very pleased with my final results. I think if you first have a plan of the look you want to achieve and where you are going to apply the dye, this will be easy for you too and you will like your results. I should say that you can leave this color on for up to 45 minutes. I left it on for 25 minutes and then approximately an average of 5 more minutes for touch-ups. Depending on the color your hair is now, whether it is already color treated, the length you leave this on, and where/how you decide to apply it, you will get different results. All the reviews I saw were positive. If you make any errors, I found it to be a pretty easy fix. 

What do you think of the look I got?

Yours In Trubeauty, 



  1. Great hair look! You're so brave! I am terrified to do my hair at home. Especially if I would have to wash/dry my hair multiple times for the desired effect. That would drive me nuts! Obviously very worth it though :-)

  2. It was fun to play around with! Next time I'll probably get it done in one time but was cautious with bleach and diy. I will definitely use again and it will save me $100 from not having to go to the salon as much.



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