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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Face Stockholm Spring 2013 Line

FACE Stockholm Spring 2013 Line 

Check out Face Stockholm's Spring 2013 line! This Swedish line has a tremendous amount of color options, maybe the largest I've ever seen! FACE Stockholm is a brand that can be purchased in limited colors at J. Crew and the full line at I was super excited to get the chance to test out and bring to you guys some products from the Spring line. You can check out my prior review of the winter line here.
In this picture I am wearing the lip liner which I used to line my lips and I also filled it in with. I then applied the lipstick overtop and a glossy clear balm. This shade lasted on my lips for nearly 4 hours with some fading towards the end. This is a unique color, it is almost a muted salmon with some rose tones to it, but it is super pretty on as I hope you can see! It has a little bit of a dry matte look when first applied on the lips. I would recommend a shiny clear balm overtop to really bring out how pretty this can actually be. 
#3 Nastan Savart Matte Shadow (a deep grey almost black) and #4 Pearl Shadow #24 (strawberry)
Me with both shadows on and the lip product 

I used the Nastan Savart shadow all over the lid. For a matte dark shadow, it was really easy to apply. I used an eyeshadow brush and the brush easily picked up this color. I was worried how this would look all over the lid as it is so dark, but I really liked it, especially when paired with this gorgeous pink color. I think this works on the lid because this is nearly black but more of a dark grey. The color is very interesting both in the pan and on.  I applied the pink color in the crease with a crease brush. I lined the lower lash line with the Nastan Savart shadow and the #24 pink color underneath that line. I used a purple gel liner just to brighten the look up a little bit and paired it with the #5 liner and #6 lipstick as pictured at the very top. 
The model for the Spring 2013 line is Swedish singer and songwriter Sibel.

When I first saw the pearl shadow #24, I immediately thought of one of my all time favorite shadows and thought I had totally found a dupe for Urban Decay's Woodstock. I was really surprised to find the the color payoff of Woodstock totally failed in compairson to Face Stockholm's #24. Urban Decay's also has a little more fall out and glitter/shimmer to it. 
They look so much alike in the pans, but.....
Urban Decay is the top swatch and Face Stockholm is the bottom. Look at the difference!

I love vibrant Spring lines. I just wish the weather would reflect some of this! What do you think about FACE Stockholm's Spring line? Have you ever tried any of their products?

Yours In Trubeauty, 


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