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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Specific Beauty {Skincare} Review

Specific Beauty {Skincare} Review

I've tried out a lot of different lines of skincare and some of them I fall in love with immediately and others take some time for that loving feeling to begin. I didn't see immediate results with this line, but it definitely grew on me. I would give these products a minimum of two weeks and I think you will really love them after that. I tried these for about 4 weeks.

The main benefits that stood out for me were: #1 moisturizing and #2 even Skin tone. It took me many years to find skincare that would hold up to the cold Wisconsin winters and I had been using Pond's cold cream for dry skin. Specific Beauty has even more moisturizing properties and the products are really thick and luxurious feeling without being too heavy on the skin. This is also a very affordable line.This line is specifically made for women with multi-hued skin tones, but I figured even though I'm white, I might as well give it a try since I have a lot of redness to my face that I wanted evened out. I have tried so many products targeted towards evening skin tone, eliminating redness, etc and this line really stood out.

"Specific Beauty is a dermatologist tested, designed and proven skin care treatment line. The result of years of experience and research, it is specifically designed for multi-hued skin tones. This skin care regimen contains products that were formulated to be used together so the final results are benefits that are clearly visible. When used as directed, Specific Beauty regimen will result in a more even skin tone, improved skin texture and leaves skin hydrated, brighter and more radiant. In addition, the products are perfect for all skin types"

The products I tried were:
  • Daily Gentle Cleanser, $13.99
    • Really nice white creamy consistency, nice foaming action. Skin felt clean after although I did have some breakouts after use. I've experienced this in the past with some skincare products that are deep cleaning. I will give this a few more tries and if breakouts continue, I would stop using it, but I have a feeling this deserves another try. 
  • Acne Treatment Cleanser, $13.99
    • The bottle warns this may not be for you if you have a sensitivity to salicylic acid (2%). I have had issues with other specific acne targeted treatments so I usually do stay away from them for the most part unless it is a spot treatment product. I did have some redness and dryness after using this product 
  • Skin Brightening Serum, $13.99
    • Fantastic product! See below for more details.
  • Daily Hydrating Lotion, $22.99
    • This did an exceptionally great job of moisturizing my skin in below 0 weather. I didn't have to use a lot of product either. I didn't have any irritation from this product, it was gentle and was not heavy or oily at all. Also has SPF 30!
  • Professional Moisture Complex, $19.99
    • I used this usually on a day where I had particularly dry skin or usually after work when I washed my face and found it to be a really good moisturizer to supplement the day and night treatments. 
  • Night Treatment Complex, $23.99
    • I loved applying this before bedtime. This has a thicker consistency than the day lotion so your skin can get the added goodies it needs while you rest. 
Is there a stand out product?

I thought the stand out product of this line was the Skin Brightening Serum which of course since it is my fave it is also the most expensive. This runs $29.99 for .5 fl oz. However you can also purchase an entire skincare regimens which include this product and run a total of $80-$100 (Gentle, Gentle + Moisturizer, Acne, or Acne + Moisturizer), which is a really great price for an entire skincare regimen. Most serums I have tried are clear or have a more oil texture to them, however, this product was an orangey brown cream consistency. It had almost a woodsy burnt scent to it that I actually really loved despite its odd uniqueness. I really did think my skin looked brighter and better. When I couldn't pump anymore product out, I tried to pry the cap off so I could scrape off all the product I could get, but it was to no avail (and trust me I tried!)

What else should you know?
  • Company website is a great resource with ingredients lists, beauty benefits, directions, tips, key features, etc. 
  • Targeted to multi-hued skin, but if you are not a woman of color and have issues with redness, I think this is also a great line for you. Also targeted towards sensitive skin, but works on all skin types.
  • A lot of the products are paraben and fragrance free
The three essential products for me were the serum, day lotion, and night lotion. I would check out the regimens which include these PLUS two other products for around $80. 

What do you think? Yours In Trubeauty, 


*These products were provided for the purposes of review. This review reflects my honest opinions. 

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