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Friday, January 18, 2013

Harvey Prince Giveaway!!!

I'm working on another fantastic giveaway with Justina's Gems. Check out her review of Harvey Prince's Skinny Chic and Eau Fling and enter in the rafflecopter below for your chance to win these!

Justina says: 
I've done many reviews for Harvey Prince in the past and have loved all their scents and the latest two scents that I've sampled for them are no exception! Read my other reviews for Harvey Prince perfumes at the links below (and note, that where it says it was a giveaway, those are now closed- the only current giveaway is pasted directly into this blog post).
Ageless Review
Eau Flirt Review 
Yogini Review 
I've honestly never tried one of their perfumes and not liked it. Harvey Prince perfumes are great for people with sensitive skin or who are sensitive to different fragrances. There are no toxic chemicals in these perfumes. They have a decent variety of perfumes in their sampler pack too, fit for every occasion. For $60 you can get 6 of their most popular scents HERE.

This time working with Harvey Prince I got to try Skinny Chic and Eau Fling.

image via Harvey Prince
Skinny Chic markets itself as a fragrance for the trendy woman on the go, keeping your energy up and your cravings down. Recharge, rejuvenate, and conquer with the hip scent that puts you in control. 

Notes: Green Apple, Grapefruit, Bergamont, Marine Mint, Lotus Blossom, Fennel, White Cedarwood, Warm Amber, Iris.
Style: Energizing, Zesty, Super Chic.

This is a light and fruity floral on par with fragrances like Clinique Happy. It doesn't have a ton of depth, is very crisp, and reminds me of Spring. I think they can market this as a "skinny" scent because it's not super rich or musky. The light, airy feel of this reminds me of being freshly showered, and clean, and new rather than standing in a candy shop or eating decadent desserts. It's a pleasant smell and great for every day. It would be hard to overwhelm with a fragrance as light as this one, which makes it perfect for job interviews, meeting the parents, or any other event where you want to make a great impression!

image via Harvey Prince

Just as the name would indicate, "Eau Fling" is a flirty perfume that is like a modern day love potion. Sensual and spicy, this scent combines jasmine, lavender pumpkin pie notes. According to a study conducted at The Smell and Taste Treatment & Research Foundation in Chicago, lavender, jasmine, and pumpkin pie proved to evoke the most male sexual arousal- particularly when combined in one fragrance together. Luckily for us ladies, Harvey Prince has taken it upon themselves to combine these into a fragrance to get our mens' mojo going.

Notes: Lavender, Blackcurrant, Plum, Raspberry, Apple, Jasmine, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Musk, Rare Woods
Style: Stimulating. Sensual. Spicy.

This scent reminds me a lot of Eau Flirt except for a little creamier. I just love the combination of all of these delicious ingredients. I pick up the most on the musk and nutmeg in this fragrance, with a touch of lavender. I dare anyone who smells fragrances by Harvey Prince not to fall in love with their scents. I can truly say I have not had a bad experience with one yet. Many perfumes make my stomach turn but HP has a scent for every occasion and none are overpowering. Although on the muskier and creamier side, this still wears well without smelling like too much. I love this scent for a date night, or for a night in. 

Now for the giveaway! Justina's Gems is partnering with Intrubeauty for this one. Giveaway rules are simple: You may participate if you live in the US or Canada. The giveaway will last for 10 days after which time we will contact the winners with the email address you provide. Winners will have 48 hours to respond to their email to claim their prize before they forfeit the prize and another person is chosen in their place.

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  1. I have Eau Fling (it's included in the $60 sampler set) and I love it! Skinny Chic sounds like it would smell amazing too, I can't wait for this giveaway!

  2. Thank you for the giveaway!
    I love Harvey Prince!!

  3. Happy sunny days! I found you on LC website, and decided to visit.
    Btw, am the newest follower of your lovely blog.

    Hope you can visit mine too and follow back :)))))))

    Thank you, Chi

  4. Hi , I tried to sign up for the HP newsletter, and everytime that I tried, I got this response? - Please make sure you entered a valid email address and try again - I hope it went through? Molly Bussler



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