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Monday, January 21, 2013

Armour Beauty

Armour Beauty: Naturally based long-wearing Rock n' Roll lip gloss

Looking for awesome long lasting vibrant lip glosses that leave others in the dust? Look no further than Armour Beauty. I'm thoroughly impressed with these glosses. The fact that they stand out to me above the many many many glosses I have tried really says something. I love glosses, so its not surprising that I like most of the ones that I have tried. However, these stand out in that they are some of the most highly pigmented glosses I've ever tried and the colors are just gorgeous. But there is also something for everyone, there are more daring colors like the orange color called "lucy" or a subtle peach shimmery shade called "gypsy". I'm totally digging the rock influence which clearly shows in the color selection.

L to R: siouxsie, edie, grace, gypsy, and lucy
L to R: siouxsie, edie, grace, gypsy, and lucy

grace (shimmer)
Named after icon Grace Jones, a deep magenta with blue shimmer

I love this shade! It is so gorgeous and pigmented. It is almost a metallic shade. It has a slight blue tone to it and it really smooths out the lines in my lips to an impressive level. This is a "wow" color because when you put it on you are going to see it on your lips and exclaim "wow!" 

lucy (bright opaque orange) 

An ode to actress/comedian Lucille Ball, one of the funniest ladies to ever live and Theo's (creator) daughter, Lucy. Electric safety orange.

I have to admit this color is very fun, very pigmented and very bright when applied more heavily. I also think it is a wearable color when worn very lightly and applied with a lip brush. This is a new color for spring, but I actually really love this color for winter too and is a good combination with my pale skin and green eyes. As the color fades after many hours of wear, it leaves a nice peachy orange stain. 

When applied thicker, is for the true rocker and true rockers at heart <3. 
This color can also be mixed with others for a truly unique custom blend. 

gypsy (shimmer)
Named after the song by Fleetwood Mac, a soft sheer peach with gold shimmer.
A subtle but gorgeous glittery color! 

Siouxsie (opaque)
Tomato warm red opaque 6.5 ml, Lipstick-like application, apply and blot for a wear as a stain. Named after none other than punk legend Siouxsie Sioux of Siouxsie And The Banshees/The Creatures.
With flash
No flash
Edie opaque lip gloss: 
The creamiest beige opaque.6.5ml, Named after who else but Edie Sedgewic.
I really thought this would not work with my skintone and it would wash me out. I don't wear a lot of nude lip colors for that reason, but this one actually really works and it was quite the surprise how much I love this color! The only thing I didn't like about it was it seemed to be the only one that accentuated some dryness on my lips instead of making them appear smoother.

Final thoughts: These will stay without budging for nearly 3 hours and hold up well if you are drinking something. The brighter colors do stain your lips. After the first application, I ended up with a nice stain on my lips. After the second application of the day, I noticed it was coming off uneven with more color around the edges of my lips and not as much in the middle, but I didn't use a lip liner. These are a little more on the sticky side which doesn't bother me except on a very windy day. I think it really helps for these to stay in place and for you to remember that you have a lip product on that you want to stay on! 

The taste and smell is a light vanilla which I also love. These do not contain parabens are are not tested on animals. I'm thoroughly impressed. My favorite colors are gypsy and siouxsie which are not easily dupe-able! These are truly unique colors that are incredibly pigmented. The bright orange and taupe were also big surprises. I didn't think I could pull off either and that they wouldn't flatter me, but they ended up being lovely and quite wearable. The only color that didn't seem truly unique to me was gypsy which is a sheerer color with some shimmer, but the formulation is perfect and it works well to add some shimmer to the other colors. These products do remind me in some aspects of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars with their intense pigmentation and the feel on your lips. 

Which color is your favorite?

Yours In Trubeauty, 



  1. These colors are so cool! I love the rock and roll influence.

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