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Friday, January 11, 2013

21 Drops {Review}

I love discovering the coolest companies! And this is one of them. This post is picture heavy because with a product this darn cute, I can't help but take lots and lots of photos of it in all its glorious cuteness. And I should mention, it also has a great purpose behind it. Have you heard of aromatherapy? Well now aromatherapy has met the modern world in a BIG way, 21 one ways to be exact! 

Who/what the heck is 21 drops? 21 drops is a company that has made 21 blends targeted towards the 21 most common issues/ailments in our lives or things we want help with. These blends use 100% natural, therapeutic grade essential oils which are tested for purity and effectiveness. 

Want to try this out? Sign up for the inner circle and get a free sample! 

Here are the blends they have available: 01 Invigorate, 02 PMS Relief (I pity the man that buys this for his woman), 03 Strength, 04 Hangover, 05 Headache, 06 Passion, 07 Equalize, 08 Pain Relief, 09 Focus (if you're still reading you may not need this one), 10 Calm, 11 De-stress (yes please!), 12 Uplift, 13 Carry On, 14 Immunity, 15 Decongest (sniffle sniffle), 16 The Change, 17 Digest (Dr. Oz would be interested!), 18 Sleep, 19 Will Power, 20 Abstain (doesn't sound too fun!), 21 Inspire. So pretty much a list of most of my ailments and complaints. :)

What is aromatherapy? It is basically using natural scents/oils to help alleviate certain conditions and/or inspire good things. Those are my own words, I'm not looking up the definition! I often use aromatherapy to help with my migraines and headaches (see prior post), but I have never seen oils in a roll on form like this! When using the roll on, you get a very slight bit of oil, it isn't messy in the least. Super convenient and it smells great!
flash makes it look kind of green, but it is more of a  golden color. 
The blend I was lucky enough to try is #3 Strength. This has a blend of  100% natural essential oils of Cedarwood Wood Oil, Rosemary Leaf Oil, and Rose Flower Oil to bolster confidence, empower and assure. Does not contain: Parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals , phthalates, GMOs, or Triclosan. No animal testing. Roll  onto your wrists and temples and apply throughout the day. Trust me, I need all the strength I can get with my job and this is certainly going to help!

There is a mini 4 piece set exclusive to Sephora, retails at $14.50 and contains uplift, calm, sleep, and will power. See the link for more details on that set. Currently sold out online, but check your local store. 21 drops is also working on some smaller vials for 2013 which I'm super excited about since I want to test out more of these!

So do I feel stronger? I guess that's hard to measure. But I do feel better and it does make me happy because its so darn cute! I am a believer in aromatherapy and definitely seen aromatherapy work with lavender oils, which I see they use in quite a few of their blends. I love the way this blend smells, it is not overwhelming at all but it is kind of soothing.

This company certainly isn't just a drop in a bucket. Get it, I punned. And at 1am which makes me ever so clever. Ha, I rhymed now. Alright, its time for bed. 

Yours In Trubeauty, 


*This product was provided for review.

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