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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Look of the Day with Mally Beauty

 Look of the Day with Mally Beauty: Earth Duo Matte Palette 
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"Earth" includes Earth a chocolate brown shade, and Sky, a vibrant blue shade

Product Information:

A duo of wearable and brightening matte eye shadows. The aerated texture of these eye shadows lies down a smooth film of luminous, stunning color, and stays weightless, flexible, and flawless over time. Wear the shadows alone or take the lighter shade and apply all over the lid from lash line to crease. Then, take the darker shade and apply it in the crease for beautiful definition. Retails $29.98 on

Includes 0.18-oz Modern Matte Eye Shadow Duo and brush applicator
Also comes in:
Sage: includes Fresh Meadow, a pale green shade, and Ivy, a hunter green shade
Sunset: includes Purple Haze, a lavender shade, and Pink Horizon, a peachy pink shade

The directions for these duos are to apply the lightest shade all over the lid with the darker shade used as a liner and crease shade. Since the blue isn't the best color on me, I switched it up a bit. These shades are versatile so you can use them in the way that best suits you. I found the brown to work best for me as a crease shade when paired with a complimentary shimmery taupe. I found the blue color to work best for me as a liner shade as you can see in the picture above. 
With just the duo matte shades
This is just one of those palettes that was frustrating to photograph alone. It appeared much better in person and was blended much better than it appears. But I still wanted to show you how the matte shades look alone. Again since I don't think the blue color is as flattering with my eyecolor, I applied it as a liner/crease shade while playing around instead of all over the lid. I will be pairing this with shimmery shadows as a personal preference. 

The brown matte in this palette is one that I know I will get a lot of use out of. It is a perfect brown matte color to act as a crease shade. This really deepened the appearance of my eyes and gave them an automatic more dramatic look. I'm not a huge fan of matte shades and I know Mally isn't either which is why she created these versatile duos. I found these to be really creamy for matte shades and the thing I was the most impressed with was how the brush picked up product. The dual ended brush is super soft and durable. It barely took a quick swipe to pick up the right amount of product. There was some minimal fall out. Longevity was really good and I think this will last you throughout the day no problem. 

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Yours In Trubeauty, 


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Super Cool Product of the Day: Wei East Lip Sensation

Wei East: Lip Sensation
This totally deserves the title of super cool product of the day. I've tried other self-adjusting lip products, but they are usually clear or light in color. Surprisingly  the color of this lipstick is a yellowish golden color. I was very intrigued as to how it would actually appear on and I was very excited to get the chance to test out this unique product. To my delight, it comes off as a gorgeous pink color on me, perfect for Valentine's day!
Product Information:
"This 12 hour color stay technology provides long lasting lip color with a lightweight texture and creamy finish that won't feather or settle into lip lines. Its innovative lipstick formula hydrates, conditions and reacts to your personal skin chemistry to transform and create a custom lip color. Soothing aloe softens effects. Retails for $12 and can be found online at or at"

You're actually suppose to start with applying the color to the top first so I did it backwards, but it still worked!

After full application 

I applied this product at night and left it on while I slept for a little over 7 hours. This is the color it appeared in the morning. I topped it with Burt's Bees Ultra Moisturizing Lip Treatment for some added moisture and shine.  You can see this really does leave a nice stain! 

My thoughts:
  • This was definitely moisturizing and long lasting. It didn't last a full 12 hours on me, but lip products rarely do. It did last for many hours however. I usually end up wiping them off before eating. I did notice a stain that this left which was even and just left a nice flush of color. 
  • I love how this transforms from the gold color to the color that you see on my lips. It is so gorgeous. I would love to see what color it creates for others! I will have to do some blog trolling!
    • Update: I didn't find many blog reviews but I did read reviews on HSN. It seems people either love this or they hate it depending on what color it makes their lips. 
  • This is also buildable as you can see above as well. You can get a lighter more subtle color with one application or a deeper color with added layers. 
  • All in all a win and for $12 I think this is a good value. 
Thoughts? Have you tried this? What do you think of the color?

Yours In Trubeauty, 


3 Steps to the Perfect Brow!

3 Steps to the Perfect Brow:
Your brows are such an important part of your face that often get neglected. The right maintenance, tools, and products however can put that perfect finishing touch on any look by shaping your entire face and making your eye area appear more lifted. As we age, we may notice our brows getting thinner, so the proper care early on is key. 

1. Condition your brows 
Billion dollar Brows includes a conditioning product. Another option is to use Vaseline on both your brows and lashes. Vaseline can actually make your lashes grow, or can prevent them from getting thinner as we age.  You can also buy Vitamin E in oil form which will act as a conditioner for your brows. 

2. Pluck, shape, wax or thread.
There are many different options for brow maintenance, you have to experiment and pick which one works best for you. My preference is to have my brows waxed every 2-3 months and then tweeze in the meantime to keep up the waxed shape. Some of my favorite tweezers are Tweezerman as they have super sharp precision tips and many different kinds of tweezers for every need. 

How do you go about getting your brows waxed? Go to your hairstylist that you trust, tell them exactly what you want. If you are nervous about having too thin of brows, emphasize you want something natural and do not want too much taken off. Then next time, you can get a more extensive wax based on your comfort level. I've tried at home wax kits and in my opinion, they don't compare to getting your brows done professionally. A good wax usually costs around $15-20, which may seem like a lot, but it is actually one of the cheapest and quickest ways to improve your look. As you get older and the skin around this delicate eye area looses some elasticity  At that point, I would recommend plucking over waxing as you don't want to damage the very delicate skin in that area. I have never had threading down, but that is an option as well.  The correct arch can make the eye are appear lifted and give you back some of those years! 

Shaping your brows alone can be difficult and stressful. Billion dollar brows has a tool included in their kit along with a white pencil so that you shape your brows perfect. Another favorite product, ybf (your best friend) universal brow pencil also comes with a how to guide, part of which is pictured below.
3. Fill in your brows
There are many brow products that come in the form of a brow pencil, powder, marker and more. My personal preference is for a pencil or marker. I have in a pinch used some matte brown eyeshadow instead of buying a specific brow powder. The easiest product in my opinion is Laura Geller's Brow Marker. If you are going to get a pencil, I prefer ybf and billion dollar brows. They are both universal pencils meaning the lighter or harder your press, a different color you get, taking the guess work out of picking a color. These are great for everyday simple looks or for a more dramatic night out. I often find after I do a dramatic eye look that it just doesn't look right until I fill my brows in. 

I hope these tips helped. I never payed much attention to my brows until a few years ago, but as you can see it really does make a difference.

Yours in Trubeauy, 


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Etoile New York

Etoile New York: Winter in Central Park Collection

Are you looking for the perfect nail set to get you through this crazy winter? I'm loving Etoile New York's Winter in Central Park Collection. Not only is the packaging adorable, the colors are so lovely. The best part yet is these are infused with genuine diamond dust!
About this collection:
"Capture a New York moment with our Winter in Central Park Collection – infused with real diamond dust. We’ve taken our classic Asscher snow white color and paired it with Reservoir, a periwinkle blue gray, and Frosted Berry, a deep red (with just a hint of pink). Whether you’re heading to the office holiday party or ringing in the New Year, these colors have got you covered (in diamonds, that is!)."

My thoughts: 
I like that all the colors have subtle shimmer to them which make them wearable for everyday. I use the lighter white color when I don't really want a color on my nails but I also don't want just a clear which will show all my nail's imperfections. The color is really perfect for that. Although these contain some shimmer and small glitter within them, the actual finish of the polish almost matifies a little after it dries. Even with a glossy top coat, the finish seemed to matify a little. The wear on these was around 2-4 days which is pretty typical for me. The white obviously lasted the longest for me because I hate any noticeable chip and the lighter color made it less noticeable. 

The dry time was quick, but this is almost a little more creamy consistency and so I still had to be careful after painting my nails that I didn't gouge them although the polish appeared on the surface to be dry. I love the packaging and that these are infused with diamond dust!

Thoughts? Which is your favorite color?

Yours In Trubeauty, 


*These were provided for review. This post reflects my honest opinions.

Kate Somerville's New Launches

Kate Somerville's New Launches!
Hello all. I just wanted to share with you three of Kate Somerville's January product launches. I'm super excited for these and I will be reviewing them for you guys. Since a lot of the results with skincare need 2-4 weeks, I just wanted to give you some product information before I post a review in weeks time.

The brand also launched a loyalty program which you can join for free and receive special offers and information! You can also earn points which you can use towards VIB purchases. Find it here.

Body Glow Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 20 ($45/5oz):
lightweight, high-performance 3 in 1 formula that provides broad spectrum protection against damaging aging affects of UV rays and helps fight free radicals, while also smoothing and hydrating skin for radiant, flawless-looking results. 
  • Rosemary Extract offers Antioxidant properties that help fight free radicals
  • Caffeine helps refine texture, improve tone, contour and firm the appearance of the skin
  • Mango Butter provides intense moisture to replenish sun-exposed skin
  • Light Reflective Pearls create radiance with a subtle satin shimmer to minimize the appearance of imperfections. 
My thoughts: This has a lightweight soothing texture which leaves some subtle specks of shimmer on your skin!

RetAsphere 2-in-1 Retinol Night Cream ($85/1oz):
Formulated with a unique patented carrier system, this rich night cream is designed to gently infuse the skin with pure retinol to help diminish the appearance of wrinkles and even out texture and skin tone.
  • Pure retinol lipid shell melts evenly into the skin, helping to prevent irritation and dryness
  • Seaweed extract, with bio-delivered hyaluronic acid, locks in moisture for sustained hydration
  • Clinical studies show in just 4 weeks, 96% of women showed a significant increase in elasticity and firmness
My thoughts: This definitely has a great thickness to it that doesn't feel heavy on the skin. There was no irritating scent or irritations from this and it feels great on!

D-Scar Scar Diminishing Serum ($45/.66oz):
Erase time and celebrate smoother skin with Kate's high-tech rollerball scar diminishing serum, designed to reduce the appearance of scars and uneven texture. 
  • Botanical extract helps even out the appearance of skin texture
  • DS-7, a micro-encapsulated peptide is essential to the skin renewal process. It encourages more normalized  smoother, softer skin
  • Expert evaluations show that after 8 weeks, scar thickness improved by 31% 

My thoughts: I like the rollerball format of this. I have a huge scar on the side of my finger from a butcher knife cooking accident. Yes, it was pretty bad! So I'm really excited to see if this really does improve the appearance of scars and I will report back!

Stay tuned for my full reviews! In the meantime, check out my review of Kate's DermalQuench Liquid Lift!

Yours In Trubeauty,


Monday, January 28, 2013

Red Carpet Look: Jessica Chastain

Since I loved Jessica Chastain's look at the SAG Awards, I wanted to share some more detailed information on products used and how the look was created. What was your favorite look of the night?
Yours In Trubeauty, 


Friday, January 25, 2013

Hairdo Clip-In Hair Styles: Pony

Hairdo Clip-In Hair Styles: Pony

Simply Straight Pony: ($49,
"This 18" long wrap-around pony lets you add long, full, trend-setting pony styles in an instant, and the wrap-around gives you a smooth polished look." Available in 11 Salon inspired colors. My color is chestnut/light brown.

All you have to do is put your hair in a pony tail and insert the clip on the hair piece underneath the hairband. You then wrap the velcrow top around your pony and secure in place. There is a separate section of hair in order for you to wrap this around the pony at the top and bobby pins which are included to secure it in place. It is really easy to do. The color selection makes it easy to find the perfect color for you.

As you can see, this color blended nearly flawlessly with my own hair. I would suggest using a smoothing product and a gloss serum with this piece as it is quite shiny and will blend with your own hair better that way. I also have always wanted to get in on the ballerina bun trend but I just don't have enough hair. I loved using this extension to get that look as you can see. The only thing that will take some getting use to is that this is 18" of additional hair added to my head and it can be heavy so that will take some getting use to. I was really impressed with how naturally this blended with my hair and how easy these were to put in.

Beach Curly Pony: ($49,
"This 18" wrap-around pony reflects the latest salon trend toward soft, tousled beach hair waves, and the wrap-around provides a totally polished look." My color is chestnut/light brown. I loved both of these, but this was my favorite of the two since I have naturally curly hair, this one just blended even better with my natural hair. It was quite amazing. I've always wanted long gorgeous hair and now I can have it!

*Check out my review of the ombre extensions and pop in color strips here.*

What are your thoughts on these? I've been really impressed with all of the Hairdo products by Ken Paves that I have tried. There is a locator on the website so you can find where to purchase these at local retailers as well as online

Yours In Trubeauty, 


*These were provided for review. My opinions remain honest and they are my own. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Manic Panic Collection {Review}

More well known for their bold hair colors, Tish and Snooky (sisters and singers in the original Blondie lineup) also have a Manic Panic collection which includes a lot of great cosmetic items. 

Their eyeshadows are vegan and cruelty free and did I mention super adorable? If you are a music lover or child of the 80s, these are going to just make your day! I was so excited to get the chance to test out this brand and was giddy when I saw the awesome cassette tape compact which retails for only $12 and includes 2 shadows. I got the  Pretty in Punk eye shadow compact Side B which contains the below silver and blue colors. The shadows are magnetic and exchangeable.

About: This collection features an 80’s influenced refillable eyeshadow palette that is shaped like a cassette tape. This compact is perfect for a night out on the town since it can replace a clutch. The cassette tape compact has a mirror and a wristlet and features a small pull out drawer for your money, cards, and ID. Compacts are also available blank and can be filled with any of our eyeshadow shades, inspiring you to create your own 80’s mix tape! Manic Panic Eyeshadows are highly pigmented, long-wearing and easy to blend. From
I may be missing it but this is suppose to have a forget me knot strap so you can use this as a clutch since there is a hidden drawer to stash a card or cash. There is also a small mirror and brush included. 
Hidden cash stash!
Magnetic pans are interchangeable 
Refill eyeshadows for the kit in Corraline Dream (pink) and Purple rain. Retails $4/each. 
Magnets hold these in place. 
I am extremely impressed with the pigmentation and ease of use of these colors. There was minimal to no fall out, these were easy to blend and easy to apply. These were really creamy and good quality, especially for $4/each, I think these are an amazing value. 
Mystic Heather lipstick 
About: Lip locked and loaded Manic Panic’s smoldering shades of lipstick make a dramatic impact! Leaving no shade unturned, Manic Panic’s assortment of colors and textures tempt you to stray from an otherwise predicable palette. The luxuriously creamy formula nourishes and protects lips with vitamins A, C and E.

Pretty, fun and cool Manic Panic’s lip locked lipstick offers bold, vibrant colors from a matte to shimmer finish. The silky smooth formula diminishes fine lines and creases while moisturizing your perfect pout. One application is all you need to deliver the perfect amount of color pay off. Ensure complete versatility and total confidence with this vitamin rich lipstick. Packed with antioxidants it’s the perfect accessory to create your total look. Keeping in perfect Manic Panic integrity, these enigmatic colors are 100% vegan and cruelty free. So don’t wait a minute longer, unlock the color and prove that lips form a powerful message!! From

I love this color and if you put it over gloss or a balm, you can tone down the color if needed. The formula is very smooth and moisturizing and has great staying power. This retails for $8 so its a great find for not that much money! The color is really vibrant and pigmented. As you can see below when I used makeup remover, there were some remnants which can attest to the staying power. The only issues I had is that I had to do a lip scrub in order to wear this without the dry skin on my lips being made more apparent. It has been below zero here all week, so my lips are not in the best condition. Also if you have an insane amount of lipsticks like I do, I found the packaging although adorable to be a little bulky and wide. Maybe its just me but I have a drawer and another container over flowing with lip product so space is at a premium for me. 
You can see the remnants after 3 swipes of a makeup remover.
I always listen to music while blogging and I thought it was especially fitting for this review! Here I am at 12am in all my glory :) And the lipstick is still going strong. I was wearing this with a sparkly purple liner and mascara. I like pairing a bright lip with a simple eye look. 

Thoughts? I was super excited to bring this to you guys and you know when you see a lot of pictures like this that I was really inspired by the product and I hope you all are too! 

Yours In Trubeauty, 


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Specific Beauty {Skincare} Review

Specific Beauty {Skincare} Review

I've tried out a lot of different lines of skincare and some of them I fall in love with immediately and others take some time for that loving feeling to begin. I didn't see immediate results with this line, but it definitely grew on me. I would give these products a minimum of two weeks and I think you will really love them after that. I tried these for about 4 weeks.

The main benefits that stood out for me were: #1 moisturizing and #2 even Skin tone. It took me many years to find skincare that would hold up to the cold Wisconsin winters and I had been using Pond's cold cream for dry skin. Specific Beauty has even more moisturizing properties and the products are really thick and luxurious feeling without being too heavy on the skin. This is also a very affordable line.This line is specifically made for women with multi-hued skin tones, but I figured even though I'm white, I might as well give it a try since I have a lot of redness to my face that I wanted evened out. I have tried so many products targeted towards evening skin tone, eliminating redness, etc and this line really stood out.

"Specific Beauty is a dermatologist tested, designed and proven skin care treatment line. The result of years of experience and research, it is specifically designed for multi-hued skin tones. This skin care regimen contains products that were formulated to be used together so the final results are benefits that are clearly visible. When used as directed, Specific Beauty regimen will result in a more even skin tone, improved skin texture and leaves skin hydrated, brighter and more radiant. In addition, the products are perfect for all skin types"

The products I tried were:
  • Daily Gentle Cleanser, $13.99
    • Really nice white creamy consistency, nice foaming action. Skin felt clean after although I did have some breakouts after use. I've experienced this in the past with some skincare products that are deep cleaning. I will give this a few more tries and if breakouts continue, I would stop using it, but I have a feeling this deserves another try. 
  • Acne Treatment Cleanser, $13.99
    • The bottle warns this may not be for you if you have a sensitivity to salicylic acid (2%). I have had issues with other specific acne targeted treatments so I usually do stay away from them for the most part unless it is a spot treatment product. I did have some redness and dryness after using this product 
  • Skin Brightening Serum, $13.99
    • Fantastic product! See below for more details.
  • Daily Hydrating Lotion, $22.99
    • This did an exceptionally great job of moisturizing my skin in below 0 weather. I didn't have to use a lot of product either. I didn't have any irritation from this product, it was gentle and was not heavy or oily at all. Also has SPF 30!
  • Professional Moisture Complex, $19.99
    • I used this usually on a day where I had particularly dry skin or usually after work when I washed my face and found it to be a really good moisturizer to supplement the day and night treatments. 
  • Night Treatment Complex, $23.99
    • I loved applying this before bedtime. This has a thicker consistency than the day lotion so your skin can get the added goodies it needs while you rest. 
Is there a stand out product?

I thought the stand out product of this line was the Skin Brightening Serum which of course since it is my fave it is also the most expensive. This runs $29.99 for .5 fl oz. However you can also purchase an entire skincare regimens which include this product and run a total of $80-$100 (Gentle, Gentle + Moisturizer, Acne, or Acne + Moisturizer), which is a really great price for an entire skincare regimen. Most serums I have tried are clear or have a more oil texture to them, however, this product was an orangey brown cream consistency. It had almost a woodsy burnt scent to it that I actually really loved despite its odd uniqueness. I really did think my skin looked brighter and better. When I couldn't pump anymore product out, I tried to pry the cap off so I could scrape off all the product I could get, but it was to no avail (and trust me I tried!)

What else should you know?
  • Company website is a great resource with ingredients lists, beauty benefits, directions, tips, key features, etc. 
  • Targeted to multi-hued skin, but if you are not a woman of color and have issues with redness, I think this is also a great line for you. Also targeted towards sensitive skin, but works on all skin types.
  • A lot of the products are paraben and fragrance free
The three essential products for me were the serum, day lotion, and night lotion. I would check out the regimens which include these PLUS two other products for around $80. 

What do you think? Yours In Trubeauty, 


*These products were provided for the purposes of review. This review reflects my honest opinions. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Armour Beauty

Armour Beauty: Naturally based long-wearing Rock n' Roll lip gloss

Looking for awesome long lasting vibrant lip glosses that leave others in the dust? Look no further than Armour Beauty. I'm thoroughly impressed with these glosses. The fact that they stand out to me above the many many many glosses I have tried really says something. I love glosses, so its not surprising that I like most of the ones that I have tried. However, these stand out in that they are some of the most highly pigmented glosses I've ever tried and the colors are just gorgeous. But there is also something for everyone, there are more daring colors like the orange color called "lucy" or a subtle peach shimmery shade called "gypsy". I'm totally digging the rock influence which clearly shows in the color selection.

L to R: siouxsie, edie, grace, gypsy, and lucy
L to R: siouxsie, edie, grace, gypsy, and lucy

grace (shimmer)
Named after icon Grace Jones, a deep magenta with blue shimmer

I love this shade! It is so gorgeous and pigmented. It is almost a metallic shade. It has a slight blue tone to it and it really smooths out the lines in my lips to an impressive level. This is a "wow" color because when you put it on you are going to see it on your lips and exclaim "wow!" 

lucy (bright opaque orange) 

An ode to actress/comedian Lucille Ball, one of the funniest ladies to ever live and Theo's (creator) daughter, Lucy. Electric safety orange.

I have to admit this color is very fun, very pigmented and very bright when applied more heavily. I also think it is a wearable color when worn very lightly and applied with a lip brush. This is a new color for spring, but I actually really love this color for winter too and is a good combination with my pale skin and green eyes. As the color fades after many hours of wear, it leaves a nice peachy orange stain. 

When applied thicker, is for the true rocker and true rockers at heart <3. 
This color can also be mixed with others for a truly unique custom blend. 

gypsy (shimmer)
Named after the song by Fleetwood Mac, a soft sheer peach with gold shimmer.
A subtle but gorgeous glittery color! 

Siouxsie (opaque)
Tomato warm red opaque 6.5 ml, Lipstick-like application, apply and blot for a wear as a stain. Named after none other than punk legend Siouxsie Sioux of Siouxsie And The Banshees/The Creatures.
With flash
No flash
Edie opaque lip gloss: 
The creamiest beige opaque.6.5ml, Named after who else but Edie Sedgewic.
I really thought this would not work with my skintone and it would wash me out. I don't wear a lot of nude lip colors for that reason, but this one actually really works and it was quite the surprise how much I love this color! The only thing I didn't like about it was it seemed to be the only one that accentuated some dryness on my lips instead of making them appear smoother.

Final thoughts: These will stay without budging for nearly 3 hours and hold up well if you are drinking something. The brighter colors do stain your lips. After the first application, I ended up with a nice stain on my lips. After the second application of the day, I noticed it was coming off uneven with more color around the edges of my lips and not as much in the middle, but I didn't use a lip liner. These are a little more on the sticky side which doesn't bother me except on a very windy day. I think it really helps for these to stay in place and for you to remember that you have a lip product on that you want to stay on! 

The taste and smell is a light vanilla which I also love. These do not contain parabens are are not tested on animals. I'm thoroughly impressed. My favorite colors are gypsy and siouxsie which are not easily dupe-able! These are truly unique colors that are incredibly pigmented. The bright orange and taupe were also big surprises. I didn't think I could pull off either and that they wouldn't flatter me, but they ended up being lovely and quite wearable. The only color that didn't seem truly unique to me was gypsy which is a sheerer color with some shimmer, but the formulation is perfect and it works well to add some shimmer to the other colors. These products do remind me in some aspects of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars with their intense pigmentation and the feel on your lips. 

Which color is your favorite?

Yours In Trubeauty, 



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