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Friday, December 21, 2012

Prescriptives Custom Blend Foundation

Prescriptives has always been a leader in customized skincare solutions. In November, they were the first beauty brand to use live video chat/photo upload technology as they launched their Live Chat Custom Blend. This allows you, regardless of what country you live in, to speak with an expert over video camera, upload your photos to them right during that session, and have a custom blend foundation made JUST for you! They will figure out not just what shade is right for you but also where your warm and/or cool undertones fall on the color wheel and tweak the formula accordingly.
A final look with this foundation! 

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The appointment takes about 20 minutes and all you need is hi-speed WiFi and a webcam. I actually had some difficulties on my end with my web cam, but we made it work. The Prescriptives custom blend expert, Nikki, was so wonderful and helpful. After speaking with her, I really trusted her to make my custom blend foundation. I uploaded a current photo of me right into our chat.. I'm in between fall and winter shades right now so I've been mixing my foundations and attempting custom blends of my own, which hasn't worked out too well! I had a couple foundations with me which I used in a picture and sent to her later per her instructions. Don't worry, I cropped and edited this for the purpose of the blog, the process is very easy!

My two foundation samples I used for my picture were Covergirl 125 Buff Beige and Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid 2CN1. As you can see, neither of them are quite right at all for me right now. 
My Prescriptives custom blend foundation stripe:
Prescriptives will name the foundation for you so you can keep track of what foundation blend is for what season, etc. I asked for a medium coverage foundation with some extra moisture in it and a healthy glow finish. All you have to do is add in your custom foundation information to their website in a very easy to use form. Just seeing my recipe really made me feel like I was getting something really special because it was made specifically to address my needs. I mentioned to them I have some redness to my skin which is the main issue I wish to cover up. There was also an option for an ingredient which helps with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, which I didn't think I needed to add. I did notice however this foundation settling into some fine lines, so I would recommend that additional ingredient even if you don't have major wrinkles. 

My custom foundation: 
Suggested Foundation Name: FL/WNT Fndtn: Med. Cover. w/Candlelt.&Moistr.
Step 1: Level 1 & Level 2
Step 2: Medium Coverage
Step 3: Candlelight Finish
Step 4: Moisturizes
Step 5: Yellow 2, Green 1, Pink 2, Blue 2, White 5

And here is what I got in the mail this week (and super quick might I add):
Comes with a little pouch
And a little mini travel foundation!
Wide open top (not my favorite for product control)

Me with the foundation on in more bare makeup pictures:

Final thoughts:  I really really love the customization feature and the video chat with photo upload. I've gone to cosmetic counters many times to get matched for foundations and they (usually) at least do a better job than I would on my own, but still, a lot of foundations are never quite right. This foundation retails at $65. It does come in a really large bottle with a smaller travel size. The packaging made this feel even more decadent and like such a special treat for myself. I have a lot of foundations that are in the $30-$40 range, which I already feel is a lot to spend on a foundation. I think most women are probably thinking along the same lines as me. I can see a lot of women ordering this for special occasions and most especially for weddings. 

The formula was really nice, silky, and felt lightweight. It had a very subtle scent to it, but was not perfumey at all. I applied this with a foundation brush and found I needed to work this in more with the heat of my fingers for it to really blend in. I also thought a finishing powder was a must with this to buff this in perfectly to my skin. I thought this didn't sink into my skin the same way as a lot of my other foundations. Prescriptives does make custom powders as well. I prefer a lightweight loose powder instead of a compact style though. 

This really was a custom blend and as you can see, it matches my skin tone perfectly! All in all, this is a win in my book, the only thing that would be holding me back would be the $65 price tag. There is however no cost for the video chat! What are your thoughts? Is this something that appeals to you?

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*This was provided to me for consideration from the company or its PR representative  All opinions are honest and they are my own based on actual use and testing of this product. All pictures are property of Intrubeauty.

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