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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Me & The Girls {review}

Me & The Girls 

About the brand:
I have taken care of critically ill and drug addicted newborns for the past 30 years. Prior to modern technology we bathed our tiniest premature babies in vitamin-rich olive oil to prevent insensible water loss and to promote healing. We actually watched the development of healthy skin mature before our eyes. Nurses, doctors, and friends replaced my sweet babies and bathed in lush oils and rich butter blends for two years. I realized that those same efforts applied. The life cycle of skin comes full circle in that our skin becomes more sensitive with exposure and fragile as we age. I am proud to offer a collection of superior moisture-rich organic products for women of all ages with all types of skin.

The products: 
  • Moon™ Beauty Serum is a luxurious penetrating oil serum rich in anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids. Promotes regenerative moisture for normal, dry, sensitive, mature and sun-damaged skin. Excellent moisture source for day or night treatment.
    • This has the smell and consistency kind of like a light olive oil. I've gotten use to using oils on my face, so this wasn't much of a difference for me. I like to apply the oils to my slightly damp skin right after a shower to lock in all that moisture. This really made my skin feel soft & great!
The products came in this delightful decorative looking Santa sack!
*order by 12/17 to ensure Christmas delivery*
  • Sugar Body Scrub: fine-grain raw organic sugar exfoliants and stimulates your skin while fragrant, hydrating coconut oil and superior cupuasu seed butter is layered into a luscious lemon creme and avocado butter blend that nourishes and polishes your skin to silky-soft perfection. An excellent remedy for Summer parched, Winter dry skin. Bamboo spoon included
    • This is my favorite product of the bunch. This smells like fresh lemons and citrus. The grains in this scrub are medium to larger sized. Once this gets in your shower and you start using it, it will loosen up and soften up from its first appearance. This has been helping my skin so much in these winter months and this smells amazing, leaving me feeling so wonderful after.
  • Moon™ Anti-Aging Night Moisturizer (pictured below): This superior moisture and Vitamin-E rich creme softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and restores soft supple skin. Exotic cupuacu butter is layered in the purest certified organic ingredients. Suitable for Normal, Dry, Sensitive, Mature and Sun Damaged Skin. This intensely therapeutic natural cream is unmatched in its effectiveness. Retails $36.
    • I love this product. And look at how stinkin' cute it is! I scrape a small amount of this out from the tube in which it is a pretty compacted solid. I then rub this in between my hands and apply evenly over my face. I do use this at night as it is heavier than a day product you would apply to your skin. However, this really actually feels decently lightweight for the type of product it is and it leaves my skin looking so much better in the morning!

I love the detail that goes into these products. Look at this spoon that comes with the Anti-Aging Moisturizer. Other products come with the cutest wooden spoons as seen above!
  • Bar Beleza Multi-Use Beauty Bar: Rich in luxurious cupuacu seed butter, unique Bar Beleza performs as a light non-greasy day moisturizer, a nourishing non-foaming oil cleanser and perfect all-in-one facial primer and conditioner. Superior hydrating effects promotes natural elasticity and restores suppleness for all types of skin. Packaged in a convenient twist-up tube. Retails $38.
    • I really like the convenience of this being in a stick form. I love using this on my elbow area, especially as the weather is in the 20s, this really helps to keep my skin from cracking!
The Verdict: 
There is nothing NOT to love about this brand. It has an amazing story behind it which is really close to my heart as a lot of my work centers around helping kids at risk and in need. The ingredients used in these products are wonderful and the packaging and design is just beyond heavenly. I would suggest giving these as gifts to brighten anyone's day, but I'm guessing as soon as you see these beauties, you won't want to let them out of your sight! Be sure to check out their website though for some great holiday sets! *Order by 12/17 to ensure Christmas delivery*

Yours In Trubeauty, 


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  1. These products look amazing!! And I love the story behind the company.



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