InTruBeauty: Lilly Brush: Save Our Sweaters

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Lilly Brush: Save Our Sweaters

Save Our Sweaters!
I can hear the rally cries now! Save Our Sweaters! How cute is this? Its a portable brush with cover to save your sweater by removing fabric pills, pet hair, and dirt. The bristles are really soft and gentle and work on many types of fabrics.
I just swept this over part of the arm of a sweater and look all this little brush picked up! Icky! I think my sweater actually looks brighter too even though the picture was taken the same way! Short strokes concentrated in one area worked best for me. 
After just a minute on part of one sleeve!

What a handy tool to keep around! This comes in red and black and retails for $12.95 and can be purchased on their website.  Check out the website (including more before & afters) here:

They are giving away one for every week in December on their facebook, so be sure to like them on facebook too! (go to "Win It" tab)

Yours In Trubeauty and the crusade against fabric pills!



  1. This brush looks like it does such a good job! I definitely need one... maybe I should try to win one on their facebook, thanks for the heads up!



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