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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Launch Giveaway Entries

And go....
Just kidding, you should probably keep reading below because this is going to be working a little differently than other giveaways I've done. For prize specifics and pictures, click HERE.
Here are the specifications:
  • Given the large amount of prizes, I will be adding and changing entries. Don't worry, the points you have already earned do not go away even if you no longer see that entry. 
  • I will be posting features and reviews on some of the brands that have helped me with my launch giveaway and whom have supported me in many other ways. Those features will contain extra entries specific to that brand. The focus for these first few days will be Facebook centered.
  • So basically this is not a static giveaway, things will be changing and you will have many more opportunities to focus on one brand when it is featured and earn many more points. 
  • This is intended to reward the most active and those that check the blog frequently, so that is going to be the key to winning, although I wish everyone the best of luck!
  • All entries will be verified and failure to do what you said you did will end in a disqualification of those points. 
  • Sorry, US only 
  • Most of the prizes will be shipped in one shipment from me, but a few will be shipped separately from the company. 
  • I often post hints and surprises on my Pintrest and Twitter too :) 
  • And I may just have a couple more surprises up  my stay tuned!
The rafflecopter entries will always be on my facebook page, under the blue "Giveaways" icon in-between Likes and Instagram and on my blog under the header "Current Giveaways"
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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