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Thursday, November 29, 2012

LUSH Holiday

Lush Holiday

LUSH, a brand that makes some great products from fresh organic materials, has some new haircare products that are perfect for those holiday gifts you're searching for. "Happy Happy Joy Joy" is the perfect gift to give to bring that someone special some joy during this holiday season. Some of the
other new hair care products are:

  • Blousey Shampoo, $29.95, gentle shampoo for color treated hair, vegan
  • Fair Trade Honey Shampoo, $9.95-29.95, full of flower power collected for you by the bees
  • Big Solid Conditioner, $9.95 for 3.5oz (pictured above), buy the weight you want, vegan
  • Happy Happy  Joy Joy Conditioning Hair Perfume ($12.95-39.95), star conditioning product, vgn
  • Roots Healthy Scalp Cream, $19.95, hair treatment packed full of ingredients to revitalize
  • Seaspray Hair Mist, $12.95, seaspray leaves you fresh and without fragrance, vegan
  • Shine So Bright, $9.95, balm to transform split ends and make hair shine so bright
  • Superbalm For Scalps, $19.95, super soothing balm for serious scalp problems, vegan
  • Lush does not test on animals 

And also be on the look out for the FUN line from Lush! 
This is a mold-able soap! It retails at $6.95 for 250g. This comes in five colors: blue, pink, orange, yellow, green, and red. 100% Vegan. This is for your body, hair, and bath! You can wash your hands and body with it, take a bubble bath with it, wash your clothes in it, or my favorite, mold it into shapes and characters. What a great and FUN way to get your kids excited about taking a bath! I know just a few adults that may have FUN with this as well :)

Thoughts? Anyone else going to have a LUSH Holiday?

Yours in Trubeauty, 


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