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Friday, November 9, 2012

How to Re-purpose Broken Compacts

I just had this happen today, I reached for one of my favorite blush/bronzer compacts, opened it, and gasped when I saw it was completely broken. I will be emailing the company as well, but if I don't get sent a replacement  I can at least feel good that I didn't just shed a tear and toss this product into the garbage. You can not only save the product, you can also save the compact and re-purpose it into a cute little mirror for your purse, or even to give as a gift. It takes minimal time, money, and skills!

Take your broken compact and mash up the broken product with a pill crusher or the bottom of a veggie peeler like I did here. I would suggest putting some newspaper down and not wearing white! Oofta! :) Once it is smashed up more in its original compact, pour it into a plastic bag and break into finer parts with your fingers. You could probably just pour it into the bag, but the mashing is the fun part! 

 Use the plastic baggie to easily transfer it to its new home. I am using my Mineral Mates palette which I normally use to mix different foundations to match my perfect color. You can see my prior review of the palette here. This has a nice secure lid. I even turned it upside down to make sure all product was safe and it was. Using a fluffy kabuki brush, pick up a small amount of product on the very ends of the bristles and use the cap of your container to place the product and brush in and swirl it into the brush. If you get too much product on your brush, simply tap it off. Then its ready to be applied, (nearly) good as new! 
Minerals Mate 

So, I guess the next step is just to toss that old compact, right?  Nope! If it has a mirror in it like this one does, you can easily transform it into an adorable mirror for your purse. All you need is ribbon, packing tape, and a scissors. I prefer to use ribbon that you buy with a sticky side, it is just easier for me; but you can use sticky dots, super glue, double sided tape etc. Cut the ribbon to your liking and design how you wish. To ensure this lasts, cover with clear packing tape.  You could even skip the ribbon and just buy the fancy designer duct tape instead. Add any other details you like. This would make a perfect gift as well and they don't have to know that it started out as a broken makeup compact that you spilled a tear over until the moment you read this post and grabbed for your crafts scissors! 

Finished Project!

Yours in Trubeauty, 


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Thanks -Jessica

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  1. So cute and crafty! I love how you dolled up the compact.

  2. Thanks it was actually a lot of fun. It turned my frown upside down *insert cheesy music*



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