InTruBeauty: How to Fake that Sunday Nap!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

How to Fake that Sunday Nap!

Its Sunday, you roll out of bed, stretch, yawn, and while heading to the bathroom notice your reflection in the mirror of a perfectly well rested lovely looking woman. Or.....not! Even if we caught up on some sleep over the weekend, we may still need some help. I love lazy Sundays where I can put on some comfy pants, a t-shirt, and a comforting sweatshirt, but that doesn't mean that I want to look like crap. Here are some few easy tips to tricking your way into looking well rested on a Sunday!

The All Star Team: 
L to R: Benefit Erase Paste, High Beam, Posie Tint, BADgal lash in black and plum, MUFE jumbo liner, 
Billion Dollar Brows Brown Pencil, Laura Geller Lip Pop Sunrise Rose, Benefit dandelion boxed powder.

1. Add in some sparkle.
I prefer to use a sparkly headband or some diamond style earrings.

2. Wear a color. 
Pick a color, any color, just wear one! Rebecca-this means you!

3. Put your hair up in no fuss updo. 
I recommend using the Goody pins I reviewed pr i o r

4. Highlighters! 
My favorite is Benefit's High beam and their Boxed Powder Dandelion. Apply the high beam right under your brow and in the inner and outer V area of your eye. Depending on how long of a nap you need to fake, you can also apply this to the upper cheek bone area, or right down your nose. Make sure to tap and blend the product in. I used a large fluffy kabuki brush to add Dandelion to my cheek area, for a longer "nap", add in the inner corner of your eye with a eyeliner brush or a pointed q-tip.

5. Stay away from black 
Black eyeliner can make you look more tired. On Sundays I recommend reaching for a deep brown eyeliner and focusing on lining the outer V area of the upper and lower lash line. Paired with a neutral cream shadow such as Benefit's Skinny Dip or rsvp, it will look great. I also use mainly a colored mascara. I prefer a deep plum for my green eyes. I focus this deep plum color all over my lashes, but focusing on the outer lashes and the lower lashes. I then top some lashes with a black mascara. I prefer Benefit's Badgal and Badgal plum. This wasn't meant to be a Benefit Cosmetics FOTD post, but their products are hands down the best for I look like I just had a nap, but I didn't kind of looks.

6. Natural Lip
Pick a lipstick or gloss that is basically your natural color amplified a tad. I used Laura Geller Lip  Pops in Sunrise  Rose.

Yours in Sunday Beauty. I think I need a nap,


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  1. This is a really cute post. Great tips on how to achieve a fresh, well-rested look!



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