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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Holiday Series: Gifts for Her

So I was actually pampering myself, using all the best products of mine and I was thinking about the Holiday Series that I have been doing on the blog. I then went to thinking about if I had to pick my #1 gift for the holidays, what would it be? Use code thankful20 for 20% off through Sunday!

My pick would be Indie Lee's Moisturizing Lavender Oil and the Coconut Citrus Body Scrub.  The lavender oil retails for $34 and it comes in a huge 4oz glass bottle with a dropper top. This bottle will last you a very long time (4-9 months), although it is one of the few products I've actually run out of because I use it nearly daily.

This oil is one of my all time favorite products. I use it in nearly every way possible. I add some to my bath water, I use it on my skin after the bath, and I especially love it when I need some soothing relief from a migraine  This will be the perfect gift for basically any woman in your life who: bathes, showers, likes soft skin, needs help with stress relief, migraines, or falling asleep, and/or who likes to smell nice. So, I think that covers nearly all women except the few living with a wolf pack or in a cave. Trust me, she will thank you and love you even more than she already does. I would suggest wrapping this in a gorgeous recycled brown gift bag and tie it with a brown, red, or  sparkly gold ribbon with an ornament attached. (I love the holidays!) :)

The scrub retails at $42 for 12oz and again, the container is huge. The scrub will end up lasting me about a month longer than the oil. I use this on a weekly to bi-weekly basis. This smells like a heavenly  mixture of citrus and coconut and leaves your skin feeling so soft and pampered. These two products together retail for $76. Good thing there is a gift set with these two products plus the body balm in a set called "The Power Trio." which includes another product, the Body Balm and retails for $80. I don't know how many times I'm complaining to my best friend about not feeling well or having a migraine  say I need to take a shower or bath, and update her after to let her know I feel like a new woman! :)

Use code THANKFUL20 for 20% off through Sunday!

Check out Indie Lee's inspirational website too; the site has had a complete makeover and has even more content driven information about the benefits of actual natural, not green-washed and/or organic products. 

Yours in Trubeauty, 


Disclosure: I have purchased these products with my own money and I have also been provided products from this company. I am under no obligation to write this feature nor to recommend this set. All my reviews remain honest, despite any company relationship.  See my disclosures tab for more information and email me at with any questions. All content remains the property of ITB and may not be altered. Photo credit for photo below & photos embedded into my BeautySets courtesy of Indie Lee.


  1. This sounds really great! It's always nice to have high quality products to pamper yourself or your loved ones - especially around the holidays!

  2. Her products are amazing and luxurious. The price tag might seem high but feeling like a new woman is worth it! Also - I love that she's involved in Sandy Relief!

  3. Love the idea of Sandy Relief!! I have not tried your favorite, Indie Lee's Moisturizing Lavender Oil, so thank you for the suggestion! x

  4. These sound great, and right in time for Xmas!



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