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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Goody Spin Pin {Review}

Goody Spin Pin {Review}
Having curly hair, this product looks kinda scary  You want me to twist what into my curls?!?! I have had many things get caught in my hair, including a round brush while I was at the beauty salon.Thankfully this didn't end with me trying to yank crap out of my hair. Its actually super easy! You twist one pin at the top and one pin at the bottom. They twist and slide right in and slide right out.You don't need a hair tie or anything additional unless your hair is shorter and you need to pin some strands up. I received this as part of my Influenster Beauty Blogger Vox Box. Find more product details at
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What I like: These are really simple to use, surprisingly they twist right in and right back out. They come in different color selections to blend into your hair color. You can use these to create a bunch of different hair looks and the package comes with very easy to use directions. I can see this being perfect for pre-teen and teenage girls and/or anyone not really that great at up-dos. These would be perfect for getting ready for a dance on your own!
You can see the pin if you look close on the left. 

What I don't like: $6+ is a little steep for me for two pins, although it is easier, I can basically get the same result with a hair tie and/or just bobby pins. With layers, shorter hair, or thin hair, these suckers are a little bit hard to hide. For some styles I could actually get away with using just one. Curly hair is easier in one main way and that usually applies to pinning it up loosely. I can usually get away with 4 bobby pins to do a loose bun, so for me, there would be no need to go out and purchase this. However, I know I will use it and I'm glad I got it as part of the Beauty Blogger box, but I wouldn't go out and purchase it for my specific hair type. I will be interested to see how Justina liked these as she has straighter, much thicker and longer hair than I do. I should mention these are also sold in a set of 3 which are smaller sized. Those would probably work better for me. 

I also really really want to try this new brush from Goody. I'm always rushing in the morning and I don't have time to blow dry my hair. This brush may be just what I need so I don't freeze my head off in Wisconsin winters. 
Retails $12.99.

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