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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fall Rules

Fall Rules
Lips: Maybelline Plum Shine, Covergirl + Olay Tone Rehab Foundation
Fall Rules, yes it does. And by following the below rules, you can master the perfect fall look. Each is simple and easy to do. For each rule when applicable and when I can, I will list both high-end recommendations and drugstore recommendations since you can make this look work at every price range.

1. Moisturize
With the colder weather, added moisture to your skin is key and is going to create a great canvas for your  makeup to go over.

Recommendations: Covergirl & Olay Tone Rehab Foundation, Smashbox Hydrating Photo Finish Primer, Ponds Dry Skin Cream.

2. Plum Lips
Plum is the perfect color for fall and really can work well on everyone when paired with these rules.

Recommendations: Maybelline 830 Plum Shine (see first picture), Avon Midnight Dream (pictured here)

3. Neutral Cream Shadows
This is a super easy way to tie together your fall look. I have been wearing minimal makeup lately and really going for a clean and classic look.
EL Pink Amethyst, MUFE Brown, Almay mascara

Recommendations: Estee Lauder Pink Amethyst  Benefit Skinny Dipping or rsvp, light layer of Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bold Gold.

4. Brown & Gold Eyeliners
A simple way to wear these for fall is to just line the outer upper and lower lash line. So basically the outer V area. This will really make your eyes pop and add some added definition without being overwhelming.

Recommendations: Sephora Jumbo Liner in 08 Gold, Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadow in 2E Matte Brown, Lancome LE CRAYON KHÔL - Smoky EyeLiner in Black Coffee, Almay Mascara in Chocolate Quartz, Stila Smudge Stick in Koi.

5. Ballerina Buns
One of the easiest ways to wear this fall look is to create a ballerina bun. This is a simple and easy way to create a very classic look. You can use a sock to do this or various other products out there to help create a ballerina bun. I simply just create a messy bun higher up, which works well for curly hair. If you don't like the look of ballerina buns, try a side bun or a bun at the nape of your neck.

6. Wear your glasses if you have them
This is a great way to mix up your outfit. i have three pairs of glasses that I alternate based on my mood, outfit, and the time of year. This pairs really well with the colors in this fall look and the simplicity of the bun. Try thicker framed glasses as well as we've seen on Demi Moore and Brittany Spears on the X factor.

7. Reds, oranges, and deep purples
An easy way to do is by pairing a neutral simple look with a fun scarf as you can see in my picture. Another way to do this is just to add a bracelet or earrings with these colors in it if you don't feel these are really "your" color. I love mixing deeper reds and deeper purples together at this time of year.

8. Skinny jeans, solid tops, and a colored flat

Simple & easy does it. Everyone can wear skinny jeans no matter what your size. If you want to hide a belly, just pair it with a longer shirt and add a cardigan with it. I've been pairing nearly ever single outfit with a Shoedazzle "bettina"  flat I have in a deep magenta. If you follow the above rules you can rock a colored flat.

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