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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Face Stockholm Winter Line {Review}

Winter Line {Review}: FACE Stockholm

Company Winter &  Holiday 2012 Look: is inspired by a caravan of cultural tradition, a mix of regional influences, including the contrasts of color found in Scandinavian folk dress and costume.

Characterized by a dominant color bordered by bands of brilliant pattern, the influence of these costumes resonates in the choice of colors for holiday — the eyes and cheeks play a neutral role against the prominent, rich lip — she is reserved yet distinct, she observes traditions new and old.
Photo Credit: FACE Stockholm website

This company has a tremendous amount of color options, maybe the largest I've ever seen including: 
142 shades of lipstick, 45 shades of lip gloss, 28 shades pot gloss, 38 lipliner shades, 71 shades matte eyeshadow, 39 shades pearl eyeshadow, 9 highlighter shades, 7 volumnizing mascara shades & many more!!

FACE Stockholm is a brand that can be purchased at J. Crew and at It is a German brand which explains the brand name and product names, but I can't get over that it makes me think of Stockholm syndrome.
I tried a brown matte shade "Brunogd" and a shimmer shade "Parlemo". I used the shimmer shade as a base for my eyelids. I found the product was hard to get out of the container with any kind of brush or my fingers. It was kind of dry and chalky, especially for a $20 product.
 The shimmer was very minimal and really only noticeable in the package. I also used the brown matte shade as basically a base to build off of. I applied this all over the lid and in the crease area. I then filled in my lids with some more vibrant shimmery browns and neutrals and some pinks and purples in the very outer V area. I actually thought the matte eyeshadow shade had to be a brow powder at first because it just did not have the consistency, look, and feel I would expect from a $20 shadow. These were the only products I've ever tried from this brand, so I can't vouch for the quality of the rest. 
Morocco-very deep brown shade

The lipstick came in a super sleek sturdy silver metal packaging. I however was not a huge fan of the deep brown shade, it just wasn't my color. I have fair skin to begin with, but in the winter, it is obviously even lighter. I find that deep lipsticks like this will have a tendency to wash me out. For the winter season, I try to stick with pinks and brighter reds. A plum would be the deepest shade I would like to go for winter. My guess is a lot of people feel the same as I do and may not get a lot of use out of a brown lip shade. Application/creaminess/stay-ability were all good. 

Yours in Trubeauty, 


These products were provided for review, but that does not change my honest opinion. 


  1. This makeup look is so beautiful. I really love that lipstick colour. They can be hard to wear, but can also look amazing!

  2. Are you wearing the lip color in the picture? I bet you could pull it off!

  3. No I'm not wearing the lip shade. I definitely couldn't pull it off!

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