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Monday, November 5, 2012

Don't Waste a Drop!

Every Drop Beauty Spatula! 

So you've spent a lot of money on a makeup product and so you want to get every last drop. But how do you do that with some of the pesky packaging? Cosmetics and skincare can be expensive and you don't want any of your money to go to waste. This handy little tool will allow you to save money by not wasting product! 

This is my favorite face primer from Smashbox which retails at $42.00. For that, you better bet your bottom I'm going to get to every least drop of that sucker. I usually use a q-tip, but the product gets absorbed by the q-tip and it still doesn't get every last bit out. This bottle was impossible to squeeze any more out of, but I bet I will get a couple more weeks use out of this product now!

Beauty Spatula ($4.99 on Amazon or $10 through with pedicure pad, travel pouch & 2 cosmetics jars)
-Use on all liquids, lotions and creams including: serums, anti-aging, foundation, hand, face and body care, hair care, tanning products & trapped lipstick
-Doesn't absorb like cottons swabs
-Use on any shape or size bottle or container
-Reusable and washable-hand wash (don't put in dish washer)

For that price this is a no brainer because this is really going to save you money since your products will last longer. For a bottle like the Smashbox primer, simply cut the bottle and tape it back up so the product doesn't dry out! 

Yours In TruBeauty, 


**The Every Drop Spatula was provided to me for review. This does not change my honest opinion. I was not compensated for this review. 


  1. Thank you for sharing about Every Drop. L-

  2. This is such a cool product. I've seen it before but never though how convenient it would be for bottles/containers shaped like this, that you can cut the top off to get the spatula inside. For some reason that didn't even occur to me, so that makes this item that much more practical!

    1. Jeannie- If you do cut open your containers, make sure you're careful how you store them afterwards as you don't want to let any bacteria inside.

  3. Thank you Jessica for sharing the Every Drop with your audience!

  4. If youre worried about it, wash your hands before and after and wash the spatula after every use. Put a new.piece of tape on, store in a plastic baggie in a cool dry area. My mom is a microbiologist I'm sure it will be fine if you do this although this is no way constitutes a medical.opinion. :-)



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