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Monday, November 19, 2012

AMA: Best & Worst Dressed?

2012 AMA Awards:
My pick for the Best & Worst Dressed

Best Dressed
Carrie Underwood shows us how to do this exactly right. She did what Christina looks like she was trying to do. She proves that yes you can rock a dramatic eye, a sparkly dress, and drop down golden earrings. The key is having the rest of your look extremely toned down. This works not only because this is a stunning color on her (and one of my personal favorite colors anyways), but because she pairs this with a nude lips, low maintenance simple hair, and a natural cheek look. Well done! 
The only thing I would change is I would have paired this look with a nude clutch and nude heels. I think the gold is a little too much, but overall I still think she was best dressed.

Worst Dressed
I actually don't think its the dress that is that bad, it is actually a pretty toned down dress for Christina. Its the entire look that doesn't make it work. I wish she had gone more natural paired with the dress. It still may not have been a major hit as I don't think of purple as her best color, but it definitely would've improved the whole look. With the tan, blonde hair, rings, clutch, and bracelets, it is just too much. The eyeshadow is matchy matchy with the dress and it really doesn't fit in with this fall/winter season and all the classic looks we've been seeing. This is a classic example of over-doing it. Your thoughts?

Honorable Mention:
Taylor Swift pulls off yet another great awards show look, showing us just how to rock a short golden dress for this holiday season (Heidi Klum take notes) :)
Undeniably gorgeous? Yes. For me, this look on Heidi just didn't work because of the insanely high cut and the little button poof sleeves. This literally looks like a baby doll dress to me. 



  1. OMG Christina Aguilera looks terrible! Good call...I think the fake tan did it in for me. Also, if you take a close look under her eye area it's almost like they painted white underneath her eyes, which is a stark contrast against her overly dark tan. It kind of reminds me of the style of her dress- really dark purple with white on it as a contrast. YUCK. I try not to match my white/tan contouring to my dress patterns! lol

  2. Christa looks so bad. I agree with Justina - the fake tan is what really makes it look horrible and puts her at worst dressed. The dress might have been okay if paired with appropriate hair and makeup. No one really stood out to me as best dressed.

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