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Friday, October 19, 2012

Yogini by Harvey Prince and Giveaway!

If you've been following our blog for a while, you know that we love to bring beauty reviews, and whenever possible, giveaways for our awesome readers.  It's our way of saying "thanks" and to be able to give back to you for the support you give us.  You might also remember when we last collaborated with Harvey Prince, to bring you Eau Flirt and Ageless perfumes in a review/giveaway.


This time around, we wanted to share a review on their Yogini perfume.  And, as promised, a giveaway!  We will be giving away 5 bottles of this scent to our lucky readers who follow the directions on our Rafflecopter below.
Yogini and Harvey Prince
Notes: Sandalwood, golden amber, sensual incense, Egyptian myrrh, pink grapefruit, blackcurrant buds, lily of the valley, star jasmine, rose petals, ylang-ylang, cardamom, madagascar vanilla 

Style: Elevating. Luxurious. Serene

Relaxing, light, lasting. Yogini is the glow that stays with you. Experience the purifying powers of sandalwood, the age-defying glow of grapefruit, and the sensual warmth of Egyptian myrrh. Crafted with the highest quality natural essences and oils, Yogini is Nature's antidote to stress: it will make you feel as good as you smell. 
I do have to say something about their company too because I think the way they came about is too sweet of a story not to share- I found this on their website, including the picture.

Harvey Prince was founded by two brothers as a gift for their mother.

It began with a rebellious idea: boutique-quality scents should not be overwhelming, overpriced, and filled with toxic chemicals. Then came the inspiration: our mother, who loves honest products that feel and smell great. One Mother's Day, we crafted a scent that captured her effortless and radiant aura. The result: Ageless, the first of our signature fragrances to take on the industry's usual cosmetics-counter fare.

Our mother is our inspiration: she radiates warmth and turns heads wherever she goes. Harvey Prince is a salute to breathing magic into every moment, and taking on every day with confidence. We hope your new fragrance will bring out the magic you have inside of you.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Justina's thoughts:
This is a great scent for every day.  I don't find it too sexy, too fruity, or too strong for the work place or a job interview, yet it has just enough of the "good stuff" that you could wear it on a date.  I have a lot of fragrances that don't get a lot of wear because the scent smells like something you would wear for a classy night out on the town, or it's too fruity or sweet to be appropriate in a lot of settings.  What I appreciate most about this scent is that I think it's very versatile for every situation.  It's a soft scent, so when you breathe it in it doesn't hit you in the face like a ton of bricks.

The way this scent wears on me, I could most smell the sandalwood, pink grapefruit, and rose petals, which I thought blended together in a great way.  The people from Harvey Prince told us this was a great fragrance for fall and I have to agree.  I love the play on words of "yogini" as in the post-yoga glow.  I really do feel relaxed wearing this.  I don't know if I could get rid of all my stress  while wearing this, but it does make me feel good, which certainly counts for something.  

For me specifically, I enjoy wearing this fragrance with my baby daughter nearby.  She snuggles with me on my chest a lot and I like that there aren't toxic chemicals and that the scent isn't overwhelming.  She doesn't seem bothered by it at all and I still get to smell good!  Winning all around!

Jessica's thoughts:
I love Harvey Prince! If you are a frequent reader of our blog, you will know that I have horrible allergies and am very sensitive to scents. Because of this, I have a basket full of high end perfumes that just sits there as I can no longer wear them. Harvey Prince is the first perfume in years that I've been able to wear because it is so fresh and light and Yogini is no exception. This is not an overwhelming at all. It is a perfect scent for fall. Nearly every time I wear a Harvey Prince scent, someone compliments me and asks me what I'm wearing. I was wearing Harvey Prince's "Hello" over the weekend and I was complimented twice in one day.  It seems to be that very unique brand that everyone loves, despite very different tastes in perfumes that people have.

I hope you win this giveaway so you can try them too! Leave us a comment if you're excited for this giveaway or your thoughts if you've already tried their brand.

Yours in Beauty,

Justina & Jessica


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